Chapter 2 Trapped in an elevator

I felt a dreadful atmosphere, I ran full of fear and never thought it would turn out this way. The elevator to arrive immediately on the top floor to my room which I often use was suddenly jammed. I was trapped in this elevator, and no one could hear my shout. I really felt in a different situation.

"Aaaa .... help me! Anyone help me! " I shouted for help while banging on the elevator door until I was exhausted. My energy has been used up just to be wasted. I was sure that no one would help, yes, it wasn't because I was too humble or hopeless. But since I ran into the apartment building, there really isn't anyone. This place is deserted as usual, there should be many people at this time wandering in and out of the apartment. But now, that's very different. I'm increasingly feeling something strange. I don't know what that is, but my fear of the black shadow is getting worse.

I finally gave up, I could not do anything anymore. But I remembered something, yes cellphone. I immediately contacted the security section of this apartment building. The sound of a fast cellphone keyboard, and immediately contacted the security of the apartment. Waiting for communication to connect.

A few seconds passed, my phone was still not picked up and I began to worry more. I'm afraid the black shadow or whatever comes here. I'm afraid this elevator door is opened by not people, not humans. I'm more frightening of that compared to humans with obscene thoughts. I turned off the phone, then returned to the security department and kept repeating. For the last time, I contacted security. My phone is connected to them, but a surprising thing I heard clearly.

"Who is calling at this time of night?"

"The girl upstairs!"

"Oh, is that sweet child? The new kid is still a virgin right? "

"Yes, I suppose. What's wrong? "

"Does she live alone?"

"Yes, I think so. His mother gave him this apartment, I feel so bad for him. You know what, I could hear the conversation of his family if the mother wanted to dump her child here "

"What? Is that true?"

"Yes, I'm telling the truth. His mother accidentally bought this apartment, he said for their last farewell. You know what, why are these apartments for sale so cheap? "

"Yes, what? Is it because of the humor about this crazy apartment? "

"Yes you are right, this apartment is sold cheaply because of that humor. Do you want to meet the new girl upstairs? "

"Yes, of course, why not!"

"Oh, I see. Yes, I hope you don't make him feel hurt, so you better bring this! He must be very lonely and will like your presence! ”

"Owww ... do you want to party too? He must be very passionate! "

"Hahahhaa ..."

The conversation was very clear I heard, I did not understand what he meant. But that talked about me, and my mind began to think negatively about them. I immediately turned off communication.

"Why? Is it true my mother did something like that? He ditched me, why? But mother said this apartment was a gift for me. Why mom? Did you lie to me? But why? Am I really not a biological child? That security, he's so lame! Don't tell me they will do something to me? No way, that's just my hallucination. Geez, what should I do now? Why am I stuck in a situation like this? Isn't ... is there nothing that can help me? Please help me! " I say while closing my eyes and crying.

Suddenly unexpected to me, I felt something was watching me. I opened my eyes, and I was surprised by a man in black right in front of me. I was shocked and took a step back. I see the man. His face was handsome, slightly pale, his eyes were blood red as black. Seeing his physical characteristics, I was shocked again. I was so surprised, I fell and my behavior accidentally caught his attention. He looked at me.

I saw the look in his eyes that looked like not human, he was the same as the vampire that I described in my novel. Unexpectedly, he held out his hand to me. He smiled cynically at me, while I was scared to death.

While outside the elevator, I heard a security conversation. I was increasingly afraid, I felt I was in two danger together. The security conversation was frightening, and this bloody black-eyed man was scary too.

Outside the elevator came a conversation of several security sections. That conversation sounds terrible for a girl alone in this apartment.

"You brought it?"

"Yes, of course, are you impatient to enjoy it? Oh, I have to go first and then you! ”

"Ah, is the taste going to stay the same?"

"Yes, of course, he can even be enjoyed by everyone. Yes, I mean just us. Let's just trap him! We bring him a funeral, is there a good place right? Our master will love it too! "

"Hem, good idea. How about we play with him first? I brought a very good drink, you know! ”

"Very nice! We will party all night! ”

"Right, party!"

"Ah, unfortunately there is only one girl. But it doesn't matter while she's a virgin. Ha ha ha ha!!"

The conversation sounded very scary, and I also thought my virginity would soon be taken away in this apartment. I was increasingly sad, and didn't know what to do. But then this man kept holding out his hand to me, who knows what he meant but he never pulled his hand back.

"I ... what should I do? Come with him or will I die with them? " I said thinking. I'm really stuck. There are vampires here and outside there are perverted men. I also folded my hand and reached the man's hand. I immediately stood up with his help. The man smiled, and he did not speak a word to me. To my surprise, this man hugged me tightly. I can't move in his arms, his arms are very strong on me. Just move, I can't. He like will not let me go. In this tight hug, I myself can feel my heartbeat which is getting faster, because I'm getting more scared and panicked.

But the longer in his arms, my feelings began to calm down so that I could breathe with relief. I felt the warmth in him, and felt he was not a bad man. But something unexpected happened to me again. This man covered my eyes with one hand, so that I could only see darkness. I do not know what happened after this. It was really dark and silent, but I had never heard that depraved security sound even the sound of the elevator door opening.

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Christina Ann Ferg
you kept saying he and him for the female roles...

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