Ruthless Alpha and His Hard-Heart DAOB Wife

Ruthless Alpha and His Hard-Heart DAOB Wife

By:  Rever  Completed
Language: English
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Selena's life changed for the worse when her boyfriend, aunt, and cousin joined together to damage her position among the elite and take away her chance to become the CEO of her father's company. When they succeeded in ripping her world apart, Selena vowed to have her revenge one way or the other.Then she meets an alpha as stubborn as she is and accidentally becomes his mate.Is he the help she needs to get her payback or will he become another pain in her neck?"So what do you plan to do with them?" Gabriel asked."I want them all to pay with their wealth, happiness, and bodies!" Selena answered in tears, but Gabriel understood the hate in her words, and he loved it. Gabriel was a bit worried that the things he had planned for the Adler family may affect Selena's emotions negatively. But since he knew that they were now on the same page, he did not intend to hold back on the punishment that he originally planned for each of them. "Thank you for trusting and telling me. Since you are now my omega, your wish is my command.""Wait, what do you mean?" Gabriel did not answer. He stood up from his seat, approached Selena, and gently kissed her on her forehead before leaving the room.

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112 Chapters
Love and rejection
Today was Selena's first day visiting her boyfriend's home after being marked by him. They decided to meet at his place and discuss how to tell her father about their relationship.   Selena doesn't know if her family will accept him. However,
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Strange feelings
"It's completed. Selena, you can move now." Zac said after he had withdrawn his teeth from her neck.   Selena sensed the deep pain gradually decline in her soul. It felt as though her body was healing itself.   When Zac had his teeth in Selena's flesh, her entire body felt like it was on fire. She wanted to cry carelessly from the torment she was going through. Yet Selena could not find the strength to allow herself to mourn. It was like a part of her did not desire to scream, no matter how intense the pain grew. All she could do was to allow her tears to pour.   Selena watched Jin standing by Zac's side and giggling from her suffering. She did not display any sympathy on her face. She stood by and allowed him to torture Selena with violence.   Zac didn't behave tenderly, like the manner he used the first time. Selena remembers him acting sympathetic with her and biting her passionately so that she c
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Double rejection
  "Miss, we have arrived." Joe's voice woke Selena up from her nap as he tapped her gently on the hand.   The car stopped, and Selena got out. The enormous mansion before her has been
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Mila grabbed Jin's hand when they were out of Selena's sight and dragged her daughter into her bedroom. She sat Jin on the bed and stared at her fiercely. The mom and daughter kept silent for some time as Mila analyzed Jin's body. She felt furious about her daughter's face. Mila had a strategy for tonight, and this was a setback, but she could not let it hinder her plans. "Who did this to you?" Mila asked and rested next to her daughter. Jin didn't answer. She seems frightened to explain to her mother. Jin knew that Mila is not sympathetic to people when they do something wrong. And she did not want her mother to punish the person who injured her. Mila grew annoyed. She sticks her fingers on Jin's bruise and presses into it. Blood escaped Jin's cut and flowed down her face. "I will ask you again. Who did this to you!" Mila questioned Jin. She hates disrespect, and Mila needs her daughter to follow her obediently. She knew that if she and Jin were to win this battle, her daughte
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The masked man
"What do you mean by I can't book a first-class ticket?" A lady shouted in the airport lobby. All those waiting in line and passing by stared at her.   "I am sorry, Miss. A very important person book first-class." The ticket agent answered casually, making sure that others could not understand her statement except for the lady.   "How can a single person book the entire first class?" The lady asked curiously.   The ticket agent seems uncomfortable by her question, she looks afraid, as though their conversation would get them in serious trouble.    " From what I heard, he is not someone to aggravate, so I advise you to book a second-class ticket or take the next plane. Also, I am afraid that if I discuss this matter any further, I may lose my job. Plus, my clearance doesn't qualify me to assist with such information." The ticket agent stated.   The lady became more curious as
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Taking her home
Bob and the bodyguards return from the alley with a man wearing all-over black. They had handcuffs on his hands as he got dragged into one of their cars.   "We have apprehended the culprit, sir!" Bob reported when he retreated to Gabriel's side.   "Take him to the black site and make sure he talks by any means necessary." His master replied.   "I understand, boss!" Bob answered with a straight face. He did not know if returning to his boss's homeland was an excellent idea since this was the second incident that his master had encountered in a day.   Gabriel reached out his hands to take Selena off the ground when Bob intervened. He knew how much his master hated dirt.   "Sir, allow me to carry her. She is filthy and covered in blood. She doesn't deserve to get handled by you." Bob said.   Gabriel did not reply. Still, the anger in his eyes serves as a warning
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Fate to meet
Nineteen minutes later, Gabriel arrived at his villa. The cars got parked in the yard, and his bodyguards rushed out to provide cover for him. Bob hurried out of the front seat and opened the door for his boss. "Sir, allow me to handle the girl." Bob requested. Gabriel looks down at Selena, then brutally gazes at Bob. His butler read the signal and moved aside. Gabriel stepped down with Selena in his arms. "Don't tell me what to do and what not to do again!" Gabriel told Bob as he walked past him. Gabriel's butler and guards followed him toward his house, where Dr. Lee was awaiting him on the balcony. "I am glad that you did not bite more than you can chew, Lee!" Gabriel stated. "Thank you, sir." Dr. Lee said with a bow. He remained in his position until Gabriel entered his home before Lee could follow in. Gabriel's maid Janet, who had served the family for years, watched in shock as her young master held an unknown woman in his arms. She gazed at Bob, but his facial expression p
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Friends becomes enemies
An hour passed, "Knock!" Bob tapped on the medical room door before entering. He met Gabriel sleeping. His young master's head was relaxing on the bed beside Selena with his body bent over as he held her hand. "Sir," Bob gently called. Gabriel opened his eyes after the fourth call. He sleepily gazes at his butler before lifting his head and unbending back into the chair. "You better have a good reason for disturbing my sleep, Bob. Because if you don't, I wouldn't mind you watching me sleep for three nights." Gabriel utters. Bob stepped back a little and wept the sweat off his forehead even though the air conditioning was on. He realized that his young master had been regularly getting enraged since he met Selena, and Bob thought it fit to behave until he could figure out the reason behind his boss' rage. "I promise it is!" Bob replied. He approached Gabriel and gave him a cell phone. "What is this? Gabriel asked as he scrolled through the device. "We when through the fellow pho
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A familiar scent
About five minutes passed, and Gabriel came out of his room wearing a fashionable long black leather jacket, a ripped white t-shirt, shredded black skinny jeans, and black leather boots. Bob was waiting by the door. When he saw his young master coming out, he did not say a word. Instead, Bob obediently followed Gabriel. As they were leaving the house, none of Gabriel's servants dared to look into his eyes. Fear was the only emotion flowing through the mansion as Gabriel walked past them. They all kept their heads bent until he left his villa. "Boss, let me get the door for you!" Bob said when he and Gabriel reached his boss's black La Voiture Noire. "Hand the key to me!" Gabriel ordered. Bob wanted to respond, but he kept his opinions to himself, and obediently gave the car key to his young master. Gabriel wore his dark shades and a white cap before getting into the driver's seat. Bob stood still outside the vehicle, waiting on his young master to instruct him on what to do. "Bob
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Blood red
"Ding!" The elevator door opened on the thirteenth floor, and Gabriel stepped out with Bob right behind him. They walked into a long gloomy hall. The lights kept flicking, and they could hear the sound of their feet echoing through the hallway. "Boss, are you sure you want to go through with this?" Bob asked. "Yes, I want to. Now stop talking and follow me quietly!" Gabriel replied. They arrived at a woolly black door and knocked on it. It took a few seconds before Gabriel and Bob heard the door unlock. "Who's there?" An elderly man said when he opened the door. Gabriel was about to introduce himself when the old man asked, "Ace is that you? I can smell your scent from where I am standing. Where have you been all these years, Ace? Oh, where's your beautiful bride and your son?" Bob looked at Gabriel, and he could tell this was a painful situation even for a dominant alpha. "Arthur. It is are, Gabriel." He replied. "Oh my! Gabriel, how big you have grown. Forgive my poor eyes
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