Dear Brother

I woke up from the sun coming from the window. I squint my eyes and saw Joash preparing coffee.

"You're awake now?" He asked.

"Here drink this one," He handed me the coffee. He sat next to me.

"Thank you, Jordan, I know you have so many things to do but you stayed on my side, I don't know how to repay your kindness. Tell me what you need I will give it, as long as I can, I will repay you." He said

I smiled at him and pressed his hands.

"You don't need to do that, helping you is enough for me, seeing you smile is enough for me," I answered.

"Dylan and you are the same, both cheesy and sweet," He said and smiled.

I saw happiness through his eyes. 

" Let's visit my brother later? "I asked. I saw how his face gloomed.

" For real? I can't wait, "He answered.

" Okay take a bath now, "I said.

He hurriedly went inside the bathroom and took a bath, I brought the clothes that my sister brought kast night. Maybe

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