For some weeks now Daisy have purposely avoided our paths crossing. It’s either during meetings at the office which she immediately leaves without a glance or at the conference hall where she always has an excuse to leave before either of us complete the name "Jack Robinson". 

And to make it worse, her clothes which clings to her body elegantly plus the sway of her hips with each movement is not helping matters for my below the belt faculty. 

"Oh Daisy what will I do without you in our lives. You can run but you cant hide." I whisper waiting for Damian to wrap up his call with the technicians. Speak of the Little mate, she hurried towards the elevator and unluckily for her, the private elevator is broken so whats better than to enjoy the moment with her alone. I nudged Damian who got the picture as we made our way to our ride with smiles plastered on out faces.

Just as the door was closing, Damian put a

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