At exactly seven fifteen p.m., the doorbell rings and as I hear it from my room, I know it’s none other than Chloe keeping to her word and trying not to get on the list of those she’s going to pluck their hairs off; I am prepared and ready for her. Tonight I am out in a simple black lace gown, which is almost reaching my knee, with a black three inches high heel. My hair I tie up in a ponytail and my makeup I apply light, besides there’s really no special person to make up for.

A knock comes to my door and straightway. I walk over and open it up, and Cassandra greets me with a warm smile. “Chloe is waiting downstairs.”

“Thank you, Cassandra, I’ll be down in a minute,” I tell her, running over my makeup table and grabbing my purse and walking out of the room.

The stairs, like always, are a drag with my heels and my legs hurt and as I complete the impossible task, I climb down and there is Chloe in a red silk gown that is sleeveless and which goes all the way down. Her gorgeous blonde
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Katie Gunter
Well, now his jealousy is showing and here I thought William had something to do with Arthur's appearance in Karen's life! I'm anxious to see what Bruce has in store for Karen if he appears at the prom.
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Treva keel
great story so far I wish chapters would unlock every hour

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