'Get out here!' The angry voice of William shouts aloud, but I don't. I continue to hide in the closet.

'You know you can't hide from me' he sneers and I clench hard on my chest as his footsteps draw closer. 'I know where you are and I will not be angry if you come out, kid, but if you don't, I will be.'

I whimper and tremble with fear and I bite my bottom lips to keep the quivering of it silent.

'Last chance!' I hear him say and next, the closet door opens and William walks in towards me.

'No!' The rasp cry escapes my mouth as he takes me by the hand and pulls me out. ‘Don't hurt me, please.’ I beg, tears running down my face.

'Too late now.' He replies and tosses me to the bed before climbing on it.

"No!" I scream and my eyes open to realise it was just a nightmare. I fall back in bed and sweat breaks out on my face, and I curl into a ball.

Last night's incident may have affected me more than I thought it did and now I'm having nightmares from them.

I don't know if I'd be abl
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Linda G
Interesting that her thoughts flipped that quickly about William and then trying a relationship with Arthur who was her 2nd kiss.

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