As I walk to the court, I see Keenan and Rory waiting by the bench. Rory sees me first and chuckles and eye me from head to toe.

“White? Seriously, dude, are we in heaven?”

I roll my eyes, “Black? Seriously, dude, are we in the beginning?” I shoot back, mimicking his voice as I eye his black sports outfit from head to toe.

He nods and raises his hands up in surrender. “Fine. You win, we are not. I’m only wearing this because this is my wife’s favourite colour, and he always wears that,” he points to Keenan, who is beside him in orange jersey, shorts, and converse. “Because it is his wife’s favourite colour, so whose favourite colour is that?” He asks, with his hand pointing to my jersey.

I know whose favourite colour I’m wearing. I just don’t think they need to know. So instead I smirk, “Your grandma’s.” I reply and bounce the ball. “Are we playing or what?”

They both get up and run towards me and I’m about to show them how a pro plays the game.

Well, Rory was right when he said
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Comments (2)
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Linda G
So was it convincing he missed Viola or was he really talking about karen?
goodnovel comment avatar
Crystal Hughes
Sucks that that ends of these pages are cut off. I just bought the whole book :( I hope this doesn’t continue.

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