Alpha Star descended into the poorly lit basement and found Star One pacing around.

"Hey, Star One."


"What did you call me here for?"

"I- I found the identity of our controller."

"Really? Cool! Who is it?"

Star One looked at him. "Max Schneider."


"Max Schneider. Jewish business tycoon. Married twice and has two kids; a boy and a girl of the same age. Lives with his family here in Westbrooke. Here," she turned the laptop to face him and he stared at the screen.

"Oh. That's... well, unexpected. I know this guy."

"He's the department head who's been giving us orders. And he's given us a new one now."

Alpha Star sighed. "What now?"

Star One frowned. "Don't be like that. We get paid really well and we've already had a slip-up."

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