I heard a gunshot. It shook me.

"I didn't know anyone lived in this forest and not this far into it" I thought.

I waited after several heart beats before deeming it safe to peer over the large rock which I hid behind and spotted the bear dead where he had stood not too long ago.

I gasped as I felt a odd ache in my chest. Seeing him dead and lifeless did something to my being that made me sad and depressed.

I ran over to him. Gathering his large head in my thick laps and kissed his head. I don't know how long I sat there cradling his head like I could bring him back before I approached the river gently and with caution because there was a good chance that whoever shot the Bear was still watching.

After drinking to my heart content, I splashed water on my face letting it calm my nerves. Closing my eyes for

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