Against all odds
Against all odds
Author: RomanticAdrienne
Hell unleashed

Maya’s story

13.04.2019, 08:32 PM, London

- Everything was a blast, little sister! We did it!

- Yes, we did it, Maya!

- This event will be our ticket to heaven! The colors, the girls, the outfits, the look on everyone’s faces! Have you seen them? They were ecstatic. And I… I am so excited about our future. We are going to be so famous!

- Oh Maya, I just hope you are right. You deserve to step out of the shadow and walk into this world of pure fashion.

- I am taking you with me, Pam. If I go towards glory, you are coming too!

- But…

- No buts Pamela, you know I couldn’t do it without you!

- So what is our next step?

- Lingerie! Sexy one!

- Oh, God!

- What?! I intend to create a silk body to wear, mixed with satin and lace motifs. Women around the world will love this line. I am sure of it.

- I like your confidence, little sister! Now let us go home, I am so tired…

- I am too, so hang in there a few more miles!

I know, and I can feel that this event from tonight was just the beginning. I trust my creativity. For as long as I can remember, I create clothes. Dresses, skirts, all four seasons outfits.

My sister Pamela is six years younger than me, but she has a brilliant mind. It is just she doesn’t know it… yet. I brought her to my team to teach her everything I know. She is still in high school, but I like her thinking. And, being on my side, gives me the opportunity to model her and turn her into one of the most famous fashion designers in the world. Along with me, of course.

Lost in my thoughts, I haven’t realized, only when it was too late and heard Pamela screaming, that a pair of headlights were coming straight at us.

- Oh my God, Maya, look out!

- What in the world is he doing? Why is he not turning…?

- Maya! Please….

- Paaam…!

My little sister’s name was the last one I called before the crash. I felt a loud thud followed by pain. Never in my life have I felt such excruciating pain. And the feeling of helplessness mixed with fear that we might not survive. Our bodies, despite we had the seat belts on after four rolls, we heard our bones breaking. Pamela was screaming so hard, stretching out her hands, trying to reach for me with pleading eyes. The feeling of fear that I couldn’t help her seized me like in a trap.

If I try to move, it was like another bone was breaking in half. I hit the hood of the car several times so hard that I feel I am about to faint. The last thing I saw was Pamela’s serene face, with her eyes closed and so calm right now that I was afraid to even think she could be…

After that… silence, darkness… pain…

Phillip’s story

      This night was so perfect. Another nailed event and people being happy. This is my goal in life, to make people happy. Music does that and I make music. Therefore, I equal happiness.

I was about to take a turn when my phone rang.

- Hello, Phillip Smith speaking…

- Phillip is me, Peter. Are you home yet?

- Not yet, but almost. What is the matter?

- Nothing is the matter, just that I got you to perform in one of the most important events of the year!

- Don’t tell me…

- I am telling you… you will use your friend the trombone at The Annual Gathering of Musicians for Charity, this time together for a Better Cause.

- What causes this year?

-Children suffering from cancer…

A heavy silence fell on me. Why is life so unfair sometimes? Why do children have to suffer from such a terrible disease?

- Are you still there, Phillip?

-I am, I was just thinking…

I did not even get to finish what I was saying, that it caught my attention in something strange. Despite the darkness, my car’s headlights made it easy for me to see that something smashed along the railing. “This is unusual…!”

- Peter, I have to go check… on something…

- Phillip! Wait, Phillip! What are you…?

I hung up before my friend got to say anything else. I pulled over and got out of my car. My eyes are trying to get used to the darkness, but when they did, hell unleashed before me. A sports car was burning not so far from the highway. I wonder if there is anyone inside. I gather all my strength and I got ready for what was I about to see.

- Is anybody there?

The closer I got, the harder was for me to breathe. That car was in flames. I saw the silhouette of a human being trapped inside. I immediately descend and encounter a woman with her seat belt still on. The car was just a mix of hot metal. Without even thinking, I grabbed the car’s hot door, and with all that I have, I pulled it off. I threw it away, unveiling a fragile woman’s body. It covered her angelic white face in blood. It was almost as if she had terror and fear imprinted on it. Drops were framing her cheeks and fell to her neck. She was unconscious. Her closed eyes make me wonder how bad the injuries were.

I placed two fingers, on her neck, feeling her pulse, holding my breath, hoping to find one, and I surprised myself by smiling when I discovered she was alive. Then I took her in my arms and got her away from the car that at any minute could explode. I placed her gently on the cold grass and without moving her that much I called the ambulance.

From the silent scene, I encountered in just ten minutes the sirens filled everything with terror and hope that this woman will be all right. Two cops approached and smiling a little at me. Maybe they have recognized me.

- Excuse me, aren’t you Phillip Smith, the pianist?

- Yes, I am, gentlemen!

- It is so nice to meet you, although under these circumstances… what happened here, maestro?

- I was coming from one of my events heading home when I saw something odd with the railing, so I got out of the car. I kind of figure out that it was an accident, so I came down here to see if there were people alive.

- And then you saw the woman. You just saved her life, Mr. Smith. Newspapers will have a lot to talk about from tomorrow on.

- I hope she will be alright…

- Was there anyone else in the car with her?

- I have seen no one. Maybe she was alone…

- Over here!

Another police officer scanned the area and by the tone of his voice, he saw something or someone. We all went following that voice. Darkness was getting intense and also was chilly. But nothing prepared me for what I was going to see. A young woman was lying down on the cold ground with her legs beneath her and face frightened by horror as if she knew she was going to die. She got frozen in time, without moving or breathing. Her arms embraced her own body as if she was trying to protect herself.  I will never forget that image. She was so young, and maybe some kind of relative of the woman in the car. The angelic face was lucky for wearing a seat belt.

They called the forensic doctor at the scene and took the body away. The two police officers and I were back at the crashed car. Then I hear one of them saying that they found an ID card on the woman inside the car and another in a purse in the passenger seat.

- Their name is Sinclair, and they are relatives.

I got awaken like in a nightmare. This woman lost someone in her family.

- The one alive is Maya Sinclair, 28 years old, and the victim was Pamela Sinclair, six years younger. Most likely her sister. Mr. Smith, that is all for tonight. If you remember something else, call us, please.

The police officer was speaking with me, but I couldn’t hear. I got lost in my own thoughts, trying to figure out what to do next. This woman, Maya, lost her sister. I don’t know if she has other relatives. And if it wasn’t enough, she was in a situation without an exit. She got injured so badly that she may remember none of this. I was in a vicious circle from which I couldn’t escape. However, one thought was for sure, I will not leave this woman to face alone all the battles she will have to endure.

- Mr. Smith, are you all right?

- Yes, I am. I am sorry I was just thinking… if there is more, I will call you. Now if you will excuse me, I have to speak to the doctors.

- Of course…

Taking action in this matter, I return to the ambulance. My eyes refused to look away. There she was lying intubated with a collar supporting her neck. Her beauty is beyond words. Her pale face in contrast with her red hair is like a mystery. My gaze traveled upon her slightly open lips, leaving room for a tube that was keeping her alive. I just stood there watching the doctors fighting for her life. When they stabilized her, they put an oxygen mask on her mouth. Now she is out of danger, I hope…

- Doctor, is that all right if I come to the hospital with her? She has no one…

- It is you! Maybe not a lot of famous people would do so. I recognized you, Mr. Smith.

- Is she going to…?

- We hope not. We did everything we could, but now the first 24 hours are critical.

- I understand…

The doctor signaled me to follow the ambulance. After putting Maya in, he closed the doors and struck twice for the driver to start. I get in my car and follow the sirens.

All the way to the hospital, I was praying for that woman. I don’t know why, but I got fond of her despite I don’t even know her, but being there in the most troublesome time of her life makes me feel good about it. I can help her and I want to. My house is big, she will be comfortable there. I will hire the best nurses to take care of her when I am not around. Also, bring the best doctors to help her recover. They told me there is a possibility that this accident will have consequences. I was really surprised that despite all this; I created a new life for this woman.

After ten minutes, we arrived at the hospital. Now everything is under the clock They quickly got her out of the ambulance and rushed her to the ER. They transferred her to a bed with all the tubes attached. I was staying out of their way. My eyes traveled all around the room. Death is at its place. These doctors are really angels. They fight every single day and night for these people to stay alive.

 Then I stopped at Maya. She was almost lifeless lying on that bed with all those doctors around her. There was a point when my heart jumped in fear…

- We are losing her! The defibrillator, quick!

That was my second time in my life when I felt helpless. She is giving up fighting for her life, but these men have the last word. I was afraid, afraid of losing her before getting to know her. She has to fight.

- Clear…

I was looking insistently at the monitor above her, hoping, praying for a sign of life. Nothing… “Come on, angel!”

- Clear…

The doctors wouldn’t give up, I am sure neither is she. After what seemed like forever, the monitor started beeping. Her heart started beating again. I felt so relieved and surprised when I realized I have tears in my eyes. They were tears of happiness because life prevailed. Maya embraced life and I am sure that she wants to live.

Thirty minutes have passed until they transferred her to the Intensive Care Unit. I am not allowed here, but I remained there all night. Something was telling me not to leave her alone.

- Sir, do you need anything? Sir…

A warm hand was shaking me a little. It was a nurse. I must have fallen asleep.

- No, thank you…

- She must be important to you…

- Excuse me, please?

- The woman you came with.

- How is she, nurse?

- She is in the Intensive Care Unit, but stable.

- Thank God…

- Sir, if you want coffee or something, we have a cafeteria downstairs, on the first floor.

- Ok, thank you very much.

I watched as the nurse went down the hall. Again, I prayed. I lowered my head, hoping that God can hear me. A tapping on my shoulder made me look at the seat next to me. A middle-aged woman with sad eyes was staring at me.

- Are you okay, son?

She was here for the same reason I was and she worries for me, asking me if I am ok.

- I am just a little concerned.

- You brought her in time, don’t worry!

- I hope so… wait, how did you know that?

- The whole hospital knows that the great Phillip Smith brought a young woman injured.

She smiled sympathetically at me.

- Well, I just hope it was not too late…

- Have faith son, God will not allow that anything bad happens to her.

- And you, Ms…

- Smith. Gloria Smith is the name. I have my son here. In Paediatric Oncology. No hope there. He almost finished… I just came to say goodbye…

Tears fall from the woman’s eyes. Cancer, damn disease…

- I am sorry Ms. Smith…

- It’s ok, I made peace with God in this matter.

- Children shouldn’t suffer like this!

- It’s ok to be angry but once we accept God’s will for us life becomes easier to live… without our loved ones.

- Sometimes it is incomprehensible…

- It is Mr. Smith, but beyond grief, there has to be some happiness for us who mourn. At least some closure… I have to go now, it is time!

- Ms. Smith…

- Yes.

- Take care of yourself and thank you for your kind words. Here is my visit card… if you ever need anything, call me!

- Thank you, young man! May God bless you and the young lady you came with!

With these last words, that mother went to say her last goodbye to her son. My heart tightens at that thought. With what power in the world can you say farewell to your son? You can with the power of a mother.

That night passed so hard, but I refused to move from that chair until Miss Maya was feeling better. From that very night, she breathed on her own but they kept her one week in Intensive Care until the danger has passed. I felt optimistic about her chances of recovery. However, not completely though…

- Mr. Smith, I admire you coming every day for Miss Sinclair.

- It was the least I could do.

- I also respect your decision not to tell her who her savior was, although she is asking the nurses every day.

- I know she is…

- Mr. Smith, in one week we will discharge her.

- I know… I will come to pick her up and tell her who I am.

- This will be a pleasant surprise for her, but you have to know a few more things about her condition so you can prepare for what has to come next.

- I think I know, but still… I am listening doctor!

- Have a seat, we have to talk.

I took a chair in his office, preparing for the discussion. I am completely aware of what was to come and most of all I am ready.

- Mr. Smith, the accident left a few marks on Miss Sinclair. As you could see, she is blind. It could be a shock response of her body because of the accident and maybe in time, she will recover her sight. In addition, as you have already seen all this time, she did not walk, only in a wheelchair…

- Don’t tell me…

- For now, she got paralyzed from her waist down…

The news fell like a bomb exploding right next to me, leaving me deaf. She is blind and paralyzed. I repeated it as I was not ready to face it.

- Paralyzed…

- It could be a temporary condition. When we made the sensitivity tests on her legs, she was not completely unresponsive, which is a good sign. Therefore, we like to call this temporary paralysis. She could recover Mr. Smith.

-That is good news, doctor! I will still be here every day as always and before you release her, I will come to introduce myself.

-Do this easily, Mr. Smith. It could be a possibility she might not believe you.

- I am aware of that. I will be patient you have my word. One more question doctor…

- I am listening.

- What about her sister? Does she know she is no longer alive?

-Another matter I wanted to discuss with you. There are moments in her life she does not remember we call it selective amnesia. Moments that are painful, her subconscious suppressed them, like the accident or the death of her little sister. She will come around, she will recover her memory.

- Is there any possibility she may not know who I am?

- Slightly Mr. Smith. She remembers facts from the past. The problem is the present.

- I understand doctor, don’t you worry I will take care of her.

- Anything you need, you know where to find me!

- I do, thank you!

- Have a nice day Mr. Smith!

- You too, doctor.

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