Against all odds

Against all odds

By:  RomanticAdrienne  Completed
Language: English
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Her young sister died in a car crash and seems like life came to an end for Rita. But Miron Hauser the Croation trombonist and conductor has the final word. Saving her from herself. Enemies are so close, she is so fragile. Will he be able to heal her through his music? Will their love prevail against all odds? The appearance of Miron Hauser in this novel is made with his consent!

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370 Chapters
Hell unleashed
Maya’s story 13.04.2019, 08:32 PM, London - Everything was a blast, little sister! We did it! - Yes, we did it, Maya! - This event will be our ticket to heaven! The colors, the girls, the outfits, the look on everyone’s faces! Have you seen them? They were ecstatic. And I… I am so excited about our future. We are going to be so famous! - Oh Maya, I just hope you are right. You deserve to step out of the shadow and walk into this world of pure fashion. - I am taking you with me, Pam. If I go towards glory, you are coming too! - But… - No buts Pamela, you know I couldn’t do it without you! - So what is our next step? - Lingerie! Sexy one! - Oh, God! - What?! I intend to create a silk body to wear, mixed with satin and lace motifs. Women around the world will love this line. I am sure of it. - I like your confidence, little sister! Now let us go home, I am so tired… - I am too, so hang in there a few more miles! I know, and I can feel that this event from tonight was just t
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Destiny's big joke
  Maya’s story 11.07.2019, 10:30 AM, London hospital - Good morning, Miss Maya! - Good morning, doctor! - How are you today? - Better than yesterday, so it must count for something… - It does Miss Maya. There is a person here to see you… - Too bad, I cannot see him… - So you realized it is a man… - Musk… - Right! I was waiting for that man to come closer. My heart was not on my command anymore. It has its own thinking right now. Irregul
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A way out
Phillip’s story - Did you call Annabelle to help you do what? -I need her, Peter! - Who, Annabelle, or Miss Maya? - You know what I am talking about… - I know… but Annabelle? - She was the only one available. - Well, as far as I know, her I bet she already told her about your… thing… - My thing??? - Oh, come on! You can see from afar that you are in love with her! - Is it that obvious? - I was right, wasn’t I? - What to
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Almost there
Maya’s story Just a knock at the front door made me almost jump in my chair. I am nervous. But what if this is not temporary? I guess Phillip saw my anxiety because I felt his scent close to me. - Try to calm down a little, Miss Maya. Dr. Stevens is going to help you. He is the best there is. - I’ll do my best. It’s just that… Suddenly he took my hand in his. It was so warm and comforting. Tears formed in my eyes, numbed by the darkness they have condemned me to live. - It is going to be ok! I know it will. Trust in your healing will and your doctor. - I trust in you too, Phillip! - I know you do, and I will be with you every step of the way. I promise! When Annabelle opened the door, Phillip broke his embrace and a wave of coldness went through my complete body, leaving me alone and unprotected. He left me with my hands up, looking for the only man that could make me feel safe and whole. - Welcome doctor! Please make yourself at home! - Thank you, Mr. Smith, you are too kind
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Long way to healing
Maya’s story                   It is already 8 o’clock, and I was ready. A hard knock on the door made me shudder. This session will be very interesting as now my vision is not that damaged. All week I was so happy to discover new things. Phillip was always there when I needed him. Sometimes I wonder if he tired of it. What I meant was that I was an incapacitated woman and it must be hard to deal with me. He did not once complain. - Are you ready, sunshine? Oh, and yes, now I am “sunshine”. Not Miss Maya anymore. That was so formal. The first time he called me sunshine, like two weeks ago, I thought I did not hear well. My heart skipped a beat when hearin
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Coming closer
Phillip’s story   Her question came like thunder on a stormy day with the odds to hit only me. “Just great, Phillip, how will you get out of this?” I asked you to stop asking stupid questions and what do you do? That's what you're asking - Well, when I came to the scene you were the only one in the car… Half of the truth, I hope she believes me… - I was unconscious… - Yes, you were Miss Maya! - And alone… - I was there on time and took an enormous risk to get you out of the car. I knew that maybe by moving you I could do you harm, but I had no choice. The car was about to explode.
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More than one enemy
***   -Why is she not dead? Why is she still breathing? - I don’t know, really… - I am not paying you to find excuses! I need her out of the picture. Where is she now? - My last connection told me she is iAn the house of the great conductor, Phillip Smith. - Are you kidding me? - I wish I were… - Lord, that man is more guarded than the president himself. - I will try my best to find her, to lure her out somehow… - And how are you planning to do that? - Actually, Phillip Smith has no
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Dreams do come true
Phillip’s story It was a dream come true going with Miss Maya shopping and then for a cup of coffee. She doesn’t know it yet about the coffee. I had many excuses to be alone with her, watching her do normal things, like brushing her long red hair or just staying with her at the table in the morning serving breakfast. Me, who quickly grabs something and storms out the door to the recording studio. Now I take my time to have a decent morning meal with her, the woman that changed my way of seeing simple things, even breakfast. Today is going to be a busy day. I don’t have other plans, so I will spend it all on her. I make my way to her room and knock slightly. A soft voice comes from inside. - Come in! - Miss Maya? - Yes… - Do you think you can be ready in fifteen minutes? - Of course. - One more thing… - Yes, please! - Are you afraid of speed? I could see her eyes going from surprise to wonder. She didn’t expect it because she did not know what to say. That was when it hit me.
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And they are getting closer
Maya’s story His serious and harsh tone scared me a bit. What could we possibly need to talk about that it cannot wait? - I am all ears, Phillip! - Do you remember how you told me the other day about some woman, Sarah Johnson? - I do, she is my best friend, and you added she was the Marketing Director of my company. Am I mistaken? - No, you are not, at least regarding her job. - What do you mean by that? - Miss Maya, in the past you fired this woman from your company! - I did what? Everything was spinning. How was I capable to do this to my best friend? It j
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Preparing for a new life
Three months later The ball was postponed due to some organizational issues. It was better that way. My feet were more reliable right now. I made so much progress. I finished the physiotherapy a week ago. And also I got rid of the wheelchair. I wanted to do that for some time now. What can I say, this postponing of the charity event kind of ruined my plans of leaving? But at this time I find myself an apartment to live in and set up a fashion company. My memory was still a blur but it turned out that I had enough money to do all that. And of course, I did all this without Phillip knowing. As for my eyes, they were still broken. I haven’t regained completely my sight. I can distinguish shadows as I’ve done so far, but I can’t see faces and places. Even so, my plans still stand. Once the ball is over I will leave from Phillip’s life. - Miss Sinclair, the headquarters of your new company is quite near Mr. Smith’s place. Do you need to reconsider this? - No, I don’t Mr. Sm
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