Chapter 2| Splendiferous

"I'm afraid I can't give you that file," Said the man seated on the chair and leaned back, a sly smile on his dark lips.

"What nonsense! We talked about this last night. You were willing to reveal all those details." Alex snapped, confusion spread across his features slowly turning into anger. Ridiculous! How could this man, this low life, back out at the last moment when Alex had already fixed the meetings with the board members and even bought the shares? No, he couldn't let that happen. It would cost him a lot. 

"See, a night is enough to make a decision and I've made mine. If they find out, my job will be gone. Then what will I do with the promotion you're offering me?" Said the man. "Besides, how can I reveal their most important information? It would be wrong." the man let out, making sure he emphasized the words he needed. 

"Fucking coward. I told you nothing will happen...Fuck! You can't do this. I need that damn file." Alex growled, anger nearly consuming him but the man didn't seem to care. Of course, he wouldn't as he had other plans. Observing Alex's frustration and vulnerability at that moment he was sure he would get what he wanted. Money and power.  He sprawled on the chair, demeanor calm and confident until he heard another voice, a deeper one. Insanely deep and husky. "How much?"  

Frowning, the man turned around and looked at Kevin who was standing against the glass window, his eyes fixed on the evening sun descending and hiding behind the skyscrapers, relentlessly losing its war against the darkness. The man stood up from where he sat. Felt the need to as a sudden wave of confusion and fear ensnared him. He looked at Kevin's muscular back again and gulped. Was he? Shit! It was him. Kevin Smith; the business tycoon. He had seen him in business magazines, interviews, and of course the headlines. However, seeing him in person was different. It wouldn't be wrong to say that the cameras and screens couldn't do justice to his magnificence. He's splendiferous

Tall, broad, a midnight blue suit covering his muscular frame. His hair was gelled, sleek and thick, chestnut brown but under the drowning light of the sun, it looked light caramel. Stunning! 

A moment faded and then another. But no one spoke a word. Alex was beyond frustrated to say anything, he just sat down, a glass of whiskey in his hand. While Kevin was still looking outside the window, a subtle smile danced on his lips seeing how the darkness consumed the once brilliant sky. This is the reality of this world. Of life. Darkness and evil win over the good. Well, most of the time anyway.

The bizarre silence of the room was frightening for the man as it gave rise to many doubts and concerns in his heart. "I-I'm sorry I couldn't… I couldn't get you, Mr. Smith." The man stammered, an uneasy feeling growing in his stomach.

"I'm sure you did," Kevin laughed. A deep throaty laugh that had the man's hair standing. He gulped and saw Kevin step back from the window, his hands shoved in the expensive pants of his suit. "Tell me your price."

Damn! He's intimidating. Grey eyes with a spectacular tint of blue around the irises. Bottomless in depth. His white shirt was on a war to cover those bulging muscles. The intensity of his glare, the firmness of his muscles, and the mysterious smirk dancing on his face were terrifying. For the man at least. And he feared, he feared Kevin knew about his little plan. Yes! Surely he did!

This sudden realization was enough to shatter his withering confidence. He gulped again. Perhaps, he shouldn't try to act smart with him. He should just...he should leave. End this matter. He threw a nervous glance at Kevin once again. "I- I don't want anything. I'm sorry I can't do it. It's stealing. It is illegal Mr. Smith."

"You wouldn't be here, sitting in this office if you cared." Kevin's deep voice echoed in the office once again.

Shit! He knew about him. Knowing too well his plan had failed, the man stood quiet, slowly looking at Kevin who walked closer to him, making him gulp and move back a little feeling the menacing aura Kevin exuded. "Cut the act already and tell your price. Forget the shares." Kevin growled lowly, eyes swirling with darkness looking at the red file the man had brought along. "I'll get this thing for sure. The choice is yours." Kevin warned his confidence and surety of self were the biggest threat to anyone.

The man looked at Alex and then back at Kevin before saying the number that was awfully huge but not for Kevin. He signed the cheque and the man gave him the file before leaving the room, his steps a bit too fast. 

"Poor lamb, you really scared the shit out of him." Alex laughed, still amazed how Kevin always knew a way out. "I thought he wouldn't budge. Talking about loyalty and all."

"You need to learn the business!" Said Kevin as he tossed the file on the wooden table before making himself a glass of whiskey and walking towards the window again."It's just an act. Sincerity and devotion are nothing more than mere words. There's nothing you can't have with money. It can buy everything. Even people."  Kevin let out, pride evident in his tone. He was far too good at this. Raising the glass to his lips, he looked down at the well-lighted cafe. The cafe workers were engaged in their tasks, serving the customers; some coming, others going. Alex soon joined Kevin with a glass of his own. "You've probably never done a thing right in your life," Alex smirked and opened his mouth to say more but a sudden call disturbed their conversation and he walked back to the table. 

"I'm quite offended Alex!" Kevin let out a bit loudly and laughed, eyes taking in the details of the cafe again. It was not very crowded today. Just a few people. Couples mostly, some holding hands while others making out but what Kevin hadn't expected to see was a kid at this hour. Dressed in a little red jacket, he was standing in front of the counter. He looked small, not more than four. And he was carrying a small panda bag. Kevin saw the kid trying to stand on his toes, jumping lightly, seemingly too excited for his order. Kevin smiled, finding him cute. 

He took another sip from his glass and looked at Alex who was busy flirting with someone on the phone. Kevin looked back at the cafe again, that same kid was now standing near the cafe's exit along with a girl whose back was facing Kevin. Kevin took a minute to examine her. She was petite and wore very loose clothes, probably a size or two up, while her hair was tied in a messy bun. Kevin looked further down, her shoes were dirty, even the kid's too and it didn't take him long to know what class they belonged to. He leaned against the wall, finding the scene rather fascinating, and watched how the kid offered his cupcake to the girl and she refused before kissing him on the head. Kevin's mouth curved into a smile, amused seeing such affection. For he had never experienced it. Love was nothing to him. All he cared about was money, fame, and power. 

"What are you smiling at?" Alex asked, frowning, and took a sip from his glass. 

"Them!" Kevin pointed before gulping the amber liquid down his throat. "How can people love each other so much?" 

"What do you have against love?" Alex asked, some creases on his forehead as he glanced at Kevin momentarily before turning and looking at the two figures standing near the cafe waiting for the bus perhaps."I think it's a beautiful feeling." Alex continued.

"Love?" Kevin raised his eyebrow with a challenging gaze." It is a form of intimacy that demands vulnerability. And I," he paused, gray eyes confident as always while a cocky smirk plastered on his face. "I don't like being vulnerable."

"When love finds you, all such things will lose their meaning." Alex defended.

"Absurd! Never gonna happen to me," Kevin retorted, and winked while twirling the empty glass in his hands. 

"Aren't you too sure of yourself," 


Alex shrugged and nodded his head in defeat. "You're complicated!" Kevin smiled before his eyes found their way back to the girl whose face was still not in sight but her back. Kevin noticed how the December air passed through her hair opening them eventually. Her hair, dark brown in color and long. They looked beautiful as they swayed along with the wind. But the girl soon tied them up again. Kevin saw the wind ruffled her clothes making them stick to her body and he could tell she was young and had a beautiful figure. She seemed pretty but definitely needed a makeover.  Infatuation arose in him. He wanted to see her face. Wanted to see what the girl that he found so different from the others looked like. 

The sky was gradually turning dark and it didn't take long before the scattered clouds began pouring rain. Even though it was light, drizzling, the way his glass window fogged up showed the weather's severity. Kevin's face tensed as he saw them standing under a cover however he could see the raindrops turning their clothes into a darker shade making them wet. He saw how the girl took off her scarf and wrapped it around the little one's neck trying to protect him from the cold. Caring, she's too caring, the kind he had never come across. A thought crossed his mind to help them. He called John immediately and minutes later the man arrived. But the moment Kevin turned back to look at them again, they were gone. The cafe's closed while the bus was gone. Kevin stood silent, eyes looking at the empty wet road. Quite irrational for him but he wanted to help them.  "Any meetings?" Kevin asked, his face stern now, eyes still searching for them. 

"None for today Sir! But tomorrow, you have lunch with Mr.Knight and later there's an event you have to attend in the evening." 

"What event?"

"It is a… Your father used to-" John began, sounding nervous.  

"Leave John!" Kevin cut him off, anger swirling in his eyes not wanting to listen to anything further. He seemed annoyed for some reason and also by the fact that he had to change his plans for tomorrow because of some ridiculous event__unaware how this event was going to change his whole life.

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