His Vicious Revenge

His Vicious Revenge

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His dark eyes spoke a lot while roaming her body ditching their shame. She shuddered from the weird disgust feeling of his nasty stare piercing her pride to no end, soon her body and mind became numb when she heard him. "Strip!"The male whispered in her ear, resulting in his husky voice to become huskier. His aura was so tragically dark and dominant that the girl felt her knees weakening because of his bizarre declaration.She moved a bit back from the close proximity as she felt her breath halting because of his sudden intimacy."Scared aren't you?" The male asked mischievously witnessing her face losing its every color, not caring what he demanded from her. His stare was burning her entire being as she felt her self respect tearing apart. She was looking around the people present in the room with a hint of shame and obvious anxiousness."Are you being nervous now? You didn't hesitate to slap me in front of them then why are you being so shy now." He spat those words like fire without any shame with only one attention, to bring her down and smash her composure in front of everyone.Her sparkling eyes attracted him to no limits. His dominance dragged her in his deep dark world, his egoistic aura took away that shine. He made her surrender to his sinful desires unwillingly...

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34 Chapters
The night was falling when Emma came out of the cafe. The icy wind stroked her soft skin forcing her to wrap her arms around herself completely unaware of the storm that was coming her way. She was just a few steps away from the cafe when a limousine stopped near her, eliciting a sudden wave of panic in her. Danger, Emma could feel it. But before she could take a step back, the car's door opened and she was dragged inside harshly.For a moment, Emma couldn't process what exactly happened but then her eyes met his, and she froze. Goosebumps crept up her arms and her heart started beating violently seeing the swirls of emotions she witnessed in his deep eyes. Lust. wrath. vengeance.Why was he here again when she'd settled everything with him? He had already made her suffer, snatched her jobs, her peace. What else does he want now? "We meet again," Kevin rasped as he stretched his left hand—his eyes never leaving hers—and grabbed the glass filled with wine from the fully stocked bar ne
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Chapter 1| Viridity
The warm glow of the setting sun caressed its way through the glass windows and reflected on the mirrored walls of the studio, making the small room bathed in a subtle orange glow. The clock was already striking 5 in the evening when the door of the studio opened with a little noise and the visitor stood at the doorway, the corners of her lips turning upwards in a proud smile. Dreamy, ethereal, and alluring! These words were the best to describe the sight Mina had just witnessed. Standing at the entrance, her hand still holding onto the doorknob, she watched Emma dance elegantly. Her petite body flowed perfectly with the rhythm, reflecting a different kind of aura; Bold, seductive, serene yet innocent.The scene was mesmerizing. The dim light of the setting sun falling onto her dancing figure served as some majestic spotlight, bestowing her with the attention she deserved. Watching her dance was a blessing to the eyes. Her body moved with elegance, loose brown curls swaying side to s
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Chapter 2| Splendiferous
"I'm afraid I can't give you that file," Said the man seated on the chair and leaned back, a sly smile on his dark lips. "What nonsense! We talked about this last night. You were willing to reveal all those details." Alex snapped, confusion spread across his features slowly turning into anger. Ridiculous! How could this man, this low life, back out at the last moment when Alex had already fixed the meetings with the board members and even bought the shares? No, he couldn't let that happen. It would cost him a lot. "See, a night is enough to make a decision and I've made mine. If they find out, my job will be gone. Then what will I do with the promotion you're offering me?" Said the man. "Besides, how can I reveal their most important information? It would be wrong." the man let out, making sure he emphasized the words he needed. "Fucking coward. I told you nothing will happen...Fuck! You can't do this. I need that damn file." Alex growled, anger nearly consuming him but the man di
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Chapter 3| Reminiscence
Blue sky streaked with silver and orange visible from her window as she drew the white curtains and sat on the sofa placed next to the window. A pen and notebook in her hand. She glanced at the far end of the small room where her brother was sleeping, and soon a soft smile crept on her lips seeing his unusual but cute sleeping posture. Even though he was tiny, he nearly filled the whole bed. The fluffy pillows accompanied him, one in his arms while the other was straight under his legs. He looked adorable. Cuddly! Shaking her head slightly in admiration, Emma began to write down all the bills she had to pay and then calculated the money she would be left with afterward. Only a few bucks. A sigh escaped her parted lips as she closed the notebook with a heavy heart and looked outside the window. Eyes dull, mind spinning in confusion and concerns. What she had was sufficient for their expenses, but she really needed more in order to save money for James' surgery. She needed more; More wo
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Chapter 4| Aesthete
Turning the doorknob clockwise, Emma entered the dance studio and found her little students practicing what she had been teaching them for the past few days. She smiled softly. Out of all the jobs she had ever done, this was her favourite. It not only gave her money but was also a source of happiness. She loved training and watching these cute angels dancing rhythmically to the subtle beats. They looked like pixies. Cute and magical.Quickly throwing her bag down on the wooden floor, she walked into the changing room to get ready. A beautiful dress in her hand. White silk skirt with a semi-sheer bodice. She stripped herself out of her unattractive, baggy clothes and quickly changed. Emma stared at her reflection in the mirror. She felt different. She felt strange. The skirt reached just above her knees complimenting her long legs. The bodice hugged her hourglass figure perfectly. Way too perfectly. She looked different. Beautiful! And it's weird. For her anyways as Emma had never dres
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Chapter 5| Lithe
Seconds faded, moments passed but nothing could grasp his interest during the whole event. His eyes took in the details of the auditorium. Kids, kids, and more kids dressed up in bright colorful clothes standing beside their instructors; who looked boring and dull. Nothing remarkable. For him anyway. A thought of abandoning the night crossed his mind but that would be absurd he knew. "How long?" Kevin asked in a stern tone feeling beyond annoyed. "Sir-" John began but a loud sound rang in the background forcing him to stop. "All right ladies and gentlemen, time for another act. We have a very special performance." The man standing on the stage announced with an overly enthusiastic smile on his face. "Just one more performance after this and then your speech," said John before gulping in nervousness. Kevin poked his cheek with his tongue and threw a cold glance at John before getting up from where he sat and heading for the back door. He was done with this event. John eyed his dis
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Chapter 6 | Ineffable
Kevin saw as Emma made her way down from the stage and stood on the side. He heard his name being called. People cheered once he walked onto the stage carrying his powerful aura and said the words which didn't matter to him at all other than keeping his gentleman's image in front of the people. However, for everyone else, they did. His gaze kept following the girl who was standing on the other side of the auditorium but not so far away from him. She was the only one that grabbed his attention tonight. He had never experienced this instant attraction for anyone. Everything about her was mesmerizing, whether it be her figure, her face that was reflecting a certain innocence, or her loving demeanor. Everything.Emma tensed as she felt Kevin looking at her but she dodged the feelings aside. It could be a coincidence she thought, maybe he's looking that way and not her. Emma saw the ladies looking at him weirdly, or seductively perhaps_some playing with their hair, while others licking thei
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Chapter 7| Reticent
"Oh, Emma! She's one of them. Tremendously skilled and I must add she's a hard worker. The kids you saw earlier, she is the one who trained them.'' Kevin hummed, a sparkle in his eyes."I would like to meet her."A moment of silence lasted between them before the old man stammered. "S-sure Sir!" Even though the old man wasn't certain why Kevin demanded to meet her, he was convinced that Emma's a diligent girl with utmost mannerism. She's got talent and she's surely one of his most valuable employees who's capable of portraying a good impression of the school in Kevin's eyes. Thus, he agreed to his demand without any argument or questions and asked one of the staff to bring her.Moments later, Kevin saw her moving through the cheering crowd and coming towards him. And at that moment, he saw her from up close and God she's gorgeous indeed. Who would have thought the girl he saw yesterday in those loose ugly clothes would be so beautiful. He took her all in.Sharp features, small shoulder
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Chapter 8| Effleurer
In less than half an hour, the crowd began dispersing. Everybody started leaving. Kids left for home with their parents, hands full of candies, eyes gleaming with joy. The once crowded and cheerful auditorium was empty now except for a few men who were busy discussing some official matters and the staff who were waiting backstage. Everyone was tired but happy. The day had finally come to an end on a good note. "We did well," said Mina, taking a bite from her apple. "David seemed delighted receiving all those cheques," Mina added and Emma hummed, bending down and carrying the white cat up in her arms. "I think we might get a promotion this time," Mina continued and stared at Emma for a while who seemed to be in deep thoughts. "What did that charmer say to you?" "Huh?" "What did he say? You look flustered," said Mina, leaning against the wall and looking at Emma who sat quietly, fingers mindlessly running through Lola's white fur. Emma stilled for a while, vague images from the
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Chapter 9| Reverie
Kevin felt his mind filled with euphoric desire, grey eyes darkened with shades of lust. He felt his commitment to not touch her withering in thin air, now that he had touched her. Fuck everything, he wanted her. He leaned down and placed his lips on her bare shoulders once again making her squirm against him. It only deepened his desire but he knew no matter how hard he was, how bad he wanted her, he'd have to wait. She isn't willing, not yet but she'll be, he knew. Emma wriggled her wrists, trying her best to get herself free from his manly grip but nothing worked. A tear cascaded down her eyes realizing her helplessness. He must have realized that she was crying because the next moment she felt his hold loosening on her. She heard the sound of footsteps getting vague and soon it vanished completely. He was gone!Emma looked around, seemingly frightened. Her Breaths awfully short, eyes heavy with unshed tears looking around the studio. Everywhere! Every corner! But there was no man
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