Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight

I stayed quiet for the rest of the ride to the bowling alley, which was, annoyingly, longer than I expected due to the traffic jam. By the time we got there, we only had an hour, so we just paid for our lane and headed off to play. 

Andy set up the scoreboard while I went to the bar to get us some drinks. 

When I got back, we were all set and ready to go. I tried to keep away from Andy, and honestly, I was just trying to have fun and forget about what happened in the van for now. I couldn’t change it, we were in a public place, he couldn’t do anything to me here. 

‘Right, you go first’. He told me, taking the drink and he leaned forward and kissed my cheek. My whole body stiffened, but only for a second and then I relaxed again when he moved away. I put my drink down and went to grab my ball. 

I took my two rolls and went back to the seats, then it was Andy’s turn. I was always shit at bowling, so the fact he beat my score with his first ball alone… didn’t surprise me. When he walked back to the table with a grin on his face, I couldn’t help but smile at his cockiness. 

‘And that’s how it's done’. I watched him as he sat down across from me and picked up his drink. I felt the sudden need to impress him and stood up to take my turn. 

While I didn’t get a strike, I got a split and for now, that was good enough. It earned me a slap on the ass and a ‘’well done baby girl’’...and I felt.. Proud of myself for the compliment…

We played a few games before the alley closed and I went to wait by Andy’s van while we went for a piss. He had a long drive back home and didn’t want to stop on the way... How words. 

It was cold, but it wasn’t raining, which, I suppose, was a plus. I stood and waited for about five minutes until he appeared from the building and came over. He beeped the van unlocked and I climbed in. 

He got in next to me but just sat there. I looked over at him. 

‘What's up?’ He shook his head. 

‘Nothing’. I looked around the car park, besides us, there was one car left that I assumed was the member of staff that was locking up the alley. 

‘Ok.. so... Are we leaving?’ He nodded but still didn’t make any attempt to start the engine. ‘What are you waiting for?’ I asked, smiling, hiding the fact that I was getting that familiar nervousness and uncomfortable feeling I seemed to be getting every time I was around Andy. 

‘I want you to do something for me, baby girl’. 

‘What?’ He grinned and lifted himself up slightly so he could unzip his jeans and pulled out his dick... It wasn’t even hard. My panic level shot up to 100. Oh god. I looked back at him, he just smiled at me. ‘What exactly do you expect me to do with that?’ 

‘What do you think?’ He just kept staring at me as he wrapped his hand around his flaccid penis and started tugging on it, working himself up, making himself hard. 

‘I-I told you... I’m not ready for that stuff yet’. I looked away from him, the fact he had such a fierce, dominant glare and that he wasn’t taking his eyes off me while he pleasured himself just made my skin crawl. 

‘And I told you to take my orders like a good girl. Now, Suck. My. Dick’. His tone was low, but it was a warning. I could feel my hands shaking as I pulled myself across the cab. He put his hand on the back of my head and pulled it down. I put my hands on his thighs, steadying myself and wrapped a shaking hand around his dick, slowly lowering my head and taking him in my mouth. 

I took him all the way in and started sucking, but as soon as I did, I could taste something foul and disgusting and pulled off quickly as soon as I realised it was pee. 

I could taste pee. 

I pulled back but he kept a hand on my head. 

‘I can taste it... You just went to the bathroom. No!’. It was fucking gross! but he didn’t care, he just pulled my head back down, lined himself up and pushed it back into my mouth. I just squeezed my eyes shut and tried to push through it. 

After a while. I couldn’t taste it anymore and my main focus became, just giving him the best head I could so that he could cum and this could all be over. 

I used my tongue to lick and tease the head of his cock while my hand pumped him, only moving it out the way so I could take his whole length back into my mouth, over and over. I could hear him groaning and the hand on the back of my head took a handful of my hair and started controlling my speed. 

When it got rougher and faster, I knew he was close and soon enough, he shot his hot, sticky mess down the back of my throat. I gagged and had to pull away quickly, opening the van door and spat the cum out onto the floor. 

I closed the door again and sat back while he put himself away and put his belt on. 

‘See, I knew you could be a good girl after all.’ I just ‘’hmmm’’ed. ‘Is there a shop around here?’ Why would he need a shop? 

‘Yeah, there is a 24 hour Tesco round the corner’. He started the engine and told me to put my belt on. I did as I was told and we headed off again... 


I walked into my flat and locked the door behind me. Making my way to the sofa with the Tesco bag in hand. After what happened in the car park, he took me to the shop, brought me a pink teddy bear and some ‘’treats’’ and told me over and over what a good girl I was. 

...and I fucking hated the fact that I loved being his ‘’good girl’’. 

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