Chapter 2 I Won't Let You Get Away With This

"You're the one who said my grandfather never touched you.”

John Winters' low voice was icy. “You’re gutsy. You even dare to lie to me.”

“Who’s lying to you?”

'You're the one who touched me…' she wanted to scream at him but he did not even remember her so she could only swallow her words.

“What’s wrong with you? If you’re sick go get yourself some help! Do you need me to introduce my colleague from the psychiatry department to you?”

From such close proximity, John could almost smell the gunpowder emanating from her fury.

Why did her unblemished pretty face look so familiar up close though?

He could not remember where he had seen her before, but she was the first woman in the whole of Hua City who dared to fight back at his advances.

He was obviously not in the right frame of mind, but he did not turn around and leave. He only picked up the piece of tissue paper from the table to wipe his middle finger slowly.

As he did that, he gave a cold chuckle.

His amber-colored eyes swept across Natalie’s fair face like daggers. He suddenly lowered his head to hers while smirking. “I won’t let you get away with this.”

Once he had said that, he picked her up roughly and strode out of the hospital.

Half an hour later.

John forcibly drove Natalie to the civil administration office. When she got out of the car, she was stunned. “Why did you bring me here?”

“To get married.”

When she heard this, Natalie thought that something was wrong with her hearing.

She was still confused when a second later, his large hand intertwined with hers and he pulled her forward with him.

Holding hands?

Him and her?

Natalie finally came back to her senses after being dazed for a few seconds. When she realized what he was about to do, she started resisting. She tried her best to remove his hand from hers but she could not no matter how hard she tried!

Natalie was fuming. She could only protest loudly, "John Winters, what on earth is this? Do you think you can just do whatever you want?”


That was exactly how he thought.

Natalie was in despair. In the eyes of her friends and colleagues, she had been labeled a gentle, approachable lady. However, she could not take it when she was with this man.

She started struggling again and flew into a rage. “Let me go! Damn it! I don’t want to marry you!”

She did not want to marry him?

When he heard that, the callous man gave her hand a hard yank and Natalie fell into his arms.

The man’s arms were like iron pincers around her soft, slim waist, his head dangerously close to hers. Only then did he asked her coldly, “Am I not as good as my grandfather?”


She did not say anything so he thought that she was silently agreeing with him. As a result, what he said next was extremely harsh. “He’s so old. Can he even satisfy you?”

“Let go of me...”

Natalie pushed him away and glared at him. “The relationship between me and Old Mr. Winters was only that of a doctor and a patient.”

Doctor and patient?

Did this woman really think that he would believe such a lame excuse?

He ignored her explanation. He also did not care if she was willing or not. Once again, he carried her in after slinging her over his shoulder.

More than ten couples were lining up at the Registry of Marriages. Everyone was beaming and full of joy.

However, when they saw John storming in like a fiend, everyone made way for him automatically.

John made his way smoothly to the front of the line. He set Natalie down on a chair and did not waste words in idle talk.

He slammed his hand onto the table. “We’re getting married!”

An attitude like this…

The person on duty swallowed and said with forced calm, “Registration photo, household register, and identification card please.”

John frowned. His face showed little expression yet one could see his extreme annoyance. “I only have an identification card.”

“I’m afraid that won’t do…”

“Won’t do?”

As light as John’s gaze was, the employee was so scared he almost wet himself. “Sir, these are the rules. I’m not the one who made them.”

The rules were rigid, but people were flexible. John’s face was cold. “Just tell me—will you marry us or not?”

After he said that, he took out his wallet and threw his identification card on the table. His meaning was very clear.

The employee was originally still rather reluctant. However, when he saw the words ‘John Winters’ on the identification card, he was so frightened he immediately stamped the registration form as fast as he could.

A few dollars for labor fees and two red booklets were the result.

John threw one into the car and handed the other to Natalie. He also tossed a bunch of keys into her lap. “I’m going back to the unit. Move into the apartment yourself.”

As he said that he got into his car and drove off in front of her.

Natalie still did not come back to her senses even after his camouflaged military vehicle had long gone.

She was married to John Winters?

How on earth could she marry him? He was…that man!

Not only that…

Natalie pressed her hand to her forehead. If she recalled correctly, Luke Shears’ current girlfriend was this man’s sister.

Luke was her ex-fiance who had taken her virginity and then heartlessly abandoned her eight years ago. If she was married to John, did it mean that Luke was her future brother-in-law?

Ah! Her head hurt!

John was going on a business trip, which was why he left Natalie in front of the civil administration office.

Frankly, his schedule was already full before he went to see Natalie.

From 5 am until 4 pm, his time was packed. He had even booked a flight to Canada at night to discuss a business merger worth a few hundred million so he had purposely made time to see Natalie.

He had not expected this woman to be so different from what he had imagined.

He did not want to have any side issues arising when he was overseas, so he decided to just marry her.

He figured that Old Master Winters would not dare make advances to her anymore now that she was his granddaughter-in-law.

However, in the few days that he was gone, Natalie’s discontent reared its head.

When he got out of the plane, John furrowed his brows in frustration. “Did she go to see my grandfather again?”

Greg Hudson, John’s assistant, understood his employer’s personality very well, so he gave John only the main points. “To be exact, Miss Snowden did not go and see Old Master Winters. It was Old Master Winters who went to see Miss Snowden.”

“Then? What did they talk about?”

“I’m not sure, but Old Master Winters seemed furious. He even went to the office to look for you, but you were on a business trip so he did not get the chance to see you.”

Did that woman complain to his grandfather?


Before Greg could finish what he was saying, John had already taken out his phone to call Natalie. Unfortunately, this was the first time he had called his own wife but the other party did not even pick up the call.

This woman was gutsy.

The corner of John’s lips curled up into a smirk. “Let’s go! We’ll go see my amazing wife.”

After a six-hour surgery, Natalie saw Greg leaning on the wall of the corridor and waiting for her when she left the operating theater.

Natalie did not hesitate. She walked over to him immediately and said courteously, “Please wait for me. I need to give some instructions to the nurse in charge first.”

After saying that, she quickly went back to the hospital room to check on her patient. After writing down the necessary prescriptions, she left with Greg.

When she arrived at their destination, she realized that it was a restaurant…

It was not just any restaurant, but a fancy restaurant.

According to people, John had a very bad temper as well as many faults. He refused to live in a hotel that was not five stars; he refused to eat in any restaurant that was not fancy enough or wear something that was not custom-made. He refused to drink tea that was not Longjing tea picked before the Pure Brightness Festival, refused to…

In short, he was so picky he was almost mean.

Actually, Natalie was quite hungry from such a long session in the operating theater. However, no matter how hungry she was, she was not going to eat calmly in front of John and his cold expression.

Because of that, she did not order anything after she sat down but threw her keys on the table instead. “I’m returning this to you.”

John did not look up when he saw the keys. He only stirred his coffee, a fake smile on his face.

Since the other party was not responding to her, the atmosphere in the room was a little chilly. Natalie pondered for a bit then said in a slightly abstracted manner, “If you have time, I need to go to the civil administration office with you again.”

When he heard that, the callous man finally lifted his eyes. “Is something wrong with the process?”

“No. I want to file for a divorce.”

With a clink, the spoon in the man's hand fell into his cup. The sound of it hitting the porcelain was loud and clear.

John chuckled lazily and leaned back. “It’s not even three days and you want to get a divorce?”

The sun was bright that day. A golden ray of sunlight shone into the room from the east window, filtering through the gauze curtains to become mottled patches of pale pink and dark yellow.

In the room full of scattered light and shadow, the man’s clear, dark eyes were fixed on her. His gaze was like a pristine lake in the deep mountains…
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