His lost love
His lost love
Author: SwaRam

Katherine sat on the couch with a small smile on her face, sipping a cup of coffee and lost in her own thoughts. When she heard Ashton's car entering into their garage, she looked up at the wall clock. It was half past four in the evening and surely wasn't the usual time for Ashton to come home that early. She got up from the couch to invite him in, with a smile on her face for she had a good news to share with Ashton.

The moment he entered, she wound her hand around his neck, pulling him closer towards her lips. However Ashton put his palm between them and pushed her slightly away from him, which made Katherine's eyes pool with tears. 

She knew things were not okay between them lately but they always reconciled after every argument. They would easily forget that they ever had an argument and they would be cuddling in each others arms the next moment. Moreover she knew that he would be over the moon after listening to the happy news she was planning to share with him. Katherine was about to open her mouth to say something, but was quick enough to interrupt her.

“Kathy let us get divorced." Katherine stared at him with a bewildering look on her face as if he had grown two horns.

“Wh-what?” Katherine was beyond shocked to even speak, she chocked a few times before trying to speak again , “Are you out of your mind? What is wrong with you,  Ashton? How can you even say so?" Katherine started bombarding him with question. Tears kept rolling down her cheeks. 

“We cannot keep on doing this Kathy. Each time we try to talk, we end up fighting and arguing. Don't you see?” 

“Yes, that's because you don't believe what I say. Or should I say that you don't want to believe me?” Asked Katherine with trembling voice. “It's her. Isn't it? “ she sobbed .

Ashton bent his head looking down in guilt. He felt ashamed of himself. He never thought that he was capable of cheating someone. He hated himself for hurting Katherine, for breaking her heart. He loved her. He had to let her go. He knew she would never forgive him for what he did.
“I hope you will be happy with her". Saying those words she left the room.

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