Billionaire's First Love

Billionaire's First Love

By:  Serenade18  Completed
Language: English
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December, When the rain pouring down, Shasha was forced to attend the funeral of someone she doesn't really want to remember anymore. Funeral for Alliando, the most populer man during highschool and a bully who makes her school life like hell. But, she never think, at Alliando funeral, she learn many surprising facts. The fact that Alliando loves her so much, and for him, she is his first love and last love. Also the fact that Alliando hates her because her mother turns out to be the one who destroy the household of his parents, even to the point where Alliando's mother commit suicide. In the mist of all turmoil, god seem to understand her trouble. Right on the seventh day since Alliando death, time suddenly rolls back. She suddenly returns to her highschool days. And this time, she determined to reveal all the truth... "You know what made me so tormented in the end, Sha?. It's because my heart too fragile. To let you go, i can't. But, to hold you, also i can't" ~ Alliando

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Celine Emma Kimrose Simunza
I love this book so much
2022-09-22 01:47:49
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amoolya n
Loved the book.. Good read.. But feel bad for Shasha.. She had to lose too much to reach her goal..
2022-09-09 20:02:55
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Acascia Young
Just started reading a book and already love it
2022-09-07 21:18:16
128 Chapters
Alliando's Funeral
(Condolences for the death of our friend, Alliando Evans. Hopefully the deceased will rest in peace)Shasha glanced at the screen of her cellphone, before putting it back in her jacket pocket."Please accept my condolences."Her mutter was cold, without a trace of sincerity in her voice.Because in reality, she is not really grieving. For her, the news of Alliando's death seemed normal. Like the job vacancies that were plastered in large plaster at the bus stop where she is waiting for the bus now.Her cellphone ring again, make her eyes that originally stared blankly at the road now turned back towards her jacket pocket.Answer or not?.She is battling these two choices. And her hunch said that the incoming call must be related to the sad news that continues to flow like water in the school group where she has silenced it notification for one year.While she is still fighting with thoughts in her
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Shasha looked at the pile of old paper on her lap. Paper that from its appearance can be guessed that this paper has been stored for a very long time. Right at the right corner of the paper, the letters S and W.She never thought, now she will see this paper again. The paper that she collects every time she helps her neighbor who opened a recycled paper business in high school. Due to her family's poor economy, she decided to look for additional money.She even once arranged these papers into a book. Although, she lost her book on her high school graduation day. And who would have thought, that paper and book landed in Alliando's hands."Ah, besides being a bully, he was also a thief."She grimaced."A thief that I can't understand his way of thinking."Her memory immediately drifted back to the conversation she had with Hans earlier."All of sir Alliando's inheritance is handed over to Miss Shasha, includi
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Secret Room
Shasha's mother turned out to be Alliando's father's best friend and first love. However, due to a problem, they could not be together and then decided to marry someone else.Once Shasha's father died, they had an affair behind Alliando's mother. Makes his mother very heartbroken and decides to commit suicide. Although some time later, his father also died due to an illness.(I know I shouldn't blame you, Sha. But I'm too stupid not to do that. Since you are that woman's daughter, I think you deserve to be blamed too. I thought, that woman will surely be in a million times more pain if I hurt you. But .. it turns out I can't really hurt you. Funny right? Even though I was who originally created that hell for you. But I'm also the one who's secretly trying to cool that hell down a little for you. I'm crazy, Sha, and very evil. I understand that you must really hate me. So, if I die later, let the rest of me be yours Sha. At least be kind for just this time and
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Being Indifferent Is Fun
SHASHA "Mommy?""Hem?"I touched my mother's face, stroking her soft cheeks that used to be my routine every morning. The soft feeling that filled my hands made me feel impossible if I was currently dreaming. But, even if I dream, then I am willing that I never wake up and remain in this dream."Yes, dear?"She looked at me with a shocked eyes. Her hand went up, touched my cheek"Why are you crying?"Ah, I was crying unconsciously. Maybe because I really miss her. There is not a single human being on this earth that I miss the most besides her. Mama..If people say that a daughter's first love is her father, then it's different from me. My father died since I was born, and mom immediately took over the dual role of raising me well. She is very cool in playing the dual role. When I need a father figure to teach me to play soccer as a school assignment, then Mom will do it very we
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What Is Your Excuse To Bully Me?
I didn't pay attention to the gazes of the people who looked at me with both amazed and astonished eyes. Ah, I know what they are thinking right now. They may think something like "Wow, is she out of her mind?" or "Is she being possesing by the demon?"The three people who had been looking at me with mocking eyes also fell silent, of course with disbelief. In my previous life, when they did this, I decided to run and hide inside the school warehouse. Crying with a body trembling between fear and shame. That's when they locked me in there and only opened the door when the exam was over. My eyes stare at my desk which is filled with writings. Such as "go to hell" or "Freak and stinks" and many other writings with almost the same content : to mocking me.When the teacher asks about the writing on my desk, the three bullies always say that I asked them to do it for fun. Then Senine would start bragging about how influential her father was to this
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Locked up
"What's the matter, Sha? Why do you make Senine hurt that she has to be taken to the Infirmary?" I looked at the beautiful woman with a motherly face who was sitting in front of me. The look in her eyes seemed to say that she was very worried about me. Though .. everything is just a bullshit. Madam Sharon was never really worried about me. Sweet words that always encourage me to be patient and calm myself so as not to interfere with my studies. However, it was all just an attempt she made to maintain her reputation as an excellent teacher. And of course, to build Senine's father's good opinion of her. "Be patient Sha. I'm sure all your friends are just kidding. " I want to laugh when I remember her words from the past. Kidding? Seriously! Does damaging someone else's mentality get into the category of joking? How sad! "Sha?"I lowered my head deeply as madam Sharon called
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Same Way
"Damn!"I turned around when I heard a curse from someone I knew very well. And.. Gotcha! I was right. Behind me was standing Alliando with a box which of course I knew what was in it, because I've been in times like this in the past, only with a different scenario. Previously, I was locked in this room by Senine and her two close friends. Right after Alliando came out. Of course before he left he looked at me with a look full of hatred, as if my presence made him very angry.At that time, I thought Alliando was angry because I disturbed his concentration while trying to find the missing basketball club sports equipment. However, after Alliando's death, I realized that the reason for his hateful gaze at me was purely because of his hatred, without even needing me to do anything. "Ah, sorry, it looks like someone accidentally locked the door from the outside..."Alliando walked right past me, banging on the door with furr
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Welcome The New Me
“Please stop bothering me and Shasha!” I saw tears running down my mother's cheeks. Her beautiful face is really pitiful, even she started to prostrate, repeatedly hitting her forehead on the ground“I beg you Pa, don't separate me and Shasha, Pa. I promise to give my best for Shasha even if I have to sacrifice my life!” I squeezed the strap of the bag I was holding. After hearing mommy say the word 'Pa', I came to know who the man standing in front of mommy was. That man was my father's father. A firm man who is willing to kick his son out for choosing to marry a girl from the 'ordinary' circle. I had never met my grandfather before until the day my mother died. He came to my mom's funeral, offering me the chance to come with him. Of course I immediately refused because I felt I didn't know him. My face instantly hardened when I saw my mother's forehead began to bleed. I
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"Isn't that the nerd girl from class 2?" "What? That coward? Oh!” "Oh my god, no way!" "Is she possessed by a demon?" "She's been behaving strangely since yesterday." I could hear the whispers of the students every time I took a step. But of course I don't care. Instead of lowering my head as usual, I straightened myself up, walking with my eyes looking straight ahead, instead of staring at the ground. Even Joana who was talking to Lily immediately looked at me with a surprised look. "Huh? Is this ugly girl trying to change?” I restrained myself from rolling my eyes. Even this early in the morning they have disturbed my peace. Lily and Joana chuckled, walking around meand start touching my shoulder-length hair. Yes, after last night
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"Come in, Sha"Said Madam Sharon when she saw me still standing at the door and reluctant to come in. Maybe she thinks I'm still embarrassed because she keeps teasing about my new look in the class before. Ah, if only she know that I don't care at all. It's up to other people to interpret my changes as they think. In essence, what I will do from today onwards is to live to the best of my ability. "Don't be so shy, come on" "Oh, sorry Madam"I continue my steps and walked over to Madam Sharon's desk. Standing side by side with Alliando made me instantly feel like a dwarf. Understandably, my height is around 155 centimeters while Alliando's height is around 185 centimeters, and I'm sure he can still grow taller. "You already know Alliando right?"asked madam Sharon, looking at me then Alliando with a proud look. Of course all the teachers have the same gaze for Alliando. For them, Alliando is the t
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