Grow As We Go
Grow As We Go
Author: Kato Holmes

Extended Summary

Bradley Oliver Jones, "Bo" to his friends, was only thirteen when he first stepped foot onto the Broadway Stage, the Imperial Theatre his new home for the next eighteen wonderful months as he preformed the role of "Gavroche." A boy who uses his wits to survive on the streets of Paris in the midst of a war.

Fifteen years of his life was dedicated to the stage, every breath, every tear, every preformance he left the smallest piece of his soul on stage. Finding comfort in the impracticality of the life, making his small fortune in well placed stock buying and selling.

It was gone in an instant.

The world he had grown up in suddenly so far from his grasps, he tumbled to the ground, a well remembered token of the Broadway community 'gone to soon.'

But he didn't go anywhere.

Eighteen years after his original Broadway debut, and two years after falling of the hypothetical Broadway map, Bo is working on his first album, a testimant to how his struggles have made him so wonderfully him.

He's spends most of his days wandering the city of New York, finding inspiration in the people living there, the way they spend their lives so stuck in the day to day. Though he cannot jodge, as his life is all about the day to day.

That is, until he meets the one man who can change all of that.

And suddenly he is hyper aware of how much of an outsider to the world that he use to love, in the midst of upcoming musicals, and un-released albums, Bo is starting to fall for the one and only Oscar Torres.

And the world will never be the same.

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