Blissful Hell

Blissful Hell

By:  Catherine Pratt  Completed
Language: English
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Damon Karsyn had this creepy desire for . When he found out the perfect match for him, his demon horn began to wiggle in satisfaction. His manipulative, dominant, and masochistic side will lead him to destroy the innocent toy of him. Keatton Morgan is the only child and heiress of Elise and William Morgan. The epitome of a persistent and intelligent son he is but on the contrary to it, he was weak and fragile but feisty. In spite of his gender identity and sexual orientation, he wants to prove to his parent that he can be successful without depending on them. "Please, Dr. Karsyn. Do-Don't me" Keatton pleaded while his blood began to flow. "The prey is now in my inferno. Don't worry Kitty ! I will give you blissful hell" and with one punch, Keattons vision began to dim.

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182 Chapters
Chapter 1: Bloody Lust
          Today marks my first day as an intern at D.K. Company of Surgeons. Excitement and anticipation run through my heart.    I hopped out of the car "Thanks, Daddy! You're the best," I said as I slammed the car's door shut.      "Good luck, Keatton," he said as he waved me goodbye. My hands waved him goodbye also as I start to walk away from him.    "And oh! By the way, Keatton?," Daddy William called me. My body turned back once more.      "What is it?," his hands gestured me to come to him. Daddy William reached for his pockets and shows off his wallet.    "Here's your al
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Chapter 2: Déjà Vu
    As soon as I wake up, I gasped for air immediately as if I was drowned in the ocean "Haaaaaaaah! Haaaaah!" my heart beat so fast and my breathing became uneven. I was about to stand up but my head stings like a bee.    "Nggggghhhh" suddenly, my brain began flashing vivid images of a building, elevator, and a naked man with half of his body covered with tattoo.    "Oh! Somebody stop my head from aching!?. Help! Mommy! Daddy!"  tears flow in my eyes after another scenery flashed in my mind where I saw myself being beaten by a guy. His face is covered with dark aura but I can see the details of the location vividly.     "No! Please, don't kill me!" but the guy aimed the gun straight to my head. Before I could even run, the trigger was pulled by him. Leaving me lifeless and disoriented on the floor.     "Dr. Ka-Karsyn!" I said loudly and the memory
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Chapter 3: Almost Lust
    His green colored eyes shine as he looked with pure amazement on my lips. "I wonder if my dick would fit in here" his question made me perturbed. "You are a professional in your field but your mouth is not! Shame on you, Dr. Karsyn" I said without any remorse.     He then projected a sad face while clutching his chest as if he was in so much pain. "Aw! Your words cut like a knife, Kitty! Don't be so compassionless with me" I mentally rolled my eyes at him.     "Ouch. It really hurts!" he added while pouting.     "But you know what?" Dr. Karsyn began to lean his chin on my shoulder. I gulped involuntarily causing him to chuckle. He then whispered to me.     "You are wrong, Kitty! Aside from my profession" he airly said while his lips began to lick my neck as he speaks. I felt the chapped like of his lips and the warmness of his breath made
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Chapter 4: Mood Ring
    After he carried me entering his office, Dr. Karsyn lay me down carefully on his couch. "You can sleep here for a bit, Kitty. I'll just finish these pile of papers" he let out a sigh then headed towards his table now covered with a bunch of folders.     "Hooh! The aftermath of being so damn rich. My poor back would hurt once more. Damn it" my gaze went to the exterior of his office.     I'm shocked but not surprised that a man like him could have such great taste. After all, he came from a wealthy family. The ornaments of his office were minimalistic yet it screams millions of dollars.     "Ouch!" I was trying to divert the pain that I felt by looking from place to place. The lower part of my stomach where he hit the most caused me to lose all my puissance. I don't go to the gym and do exercises that's why it is hard for me to bare this type of pain. My body has barely ha
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Chapter 5: The Demon Longed for Love
    "Eh! Me Ged!" Dr. Karsyn mimicked my voice in a mocking way while he flashes a funny face. I tried to contain myself but my giggles crack as I burst into laughter.     "Stop laughing. I just imitate your dramatic expression" my smile went from ear to ear. See? This is how shallow my life is.     "What are you... trying to say, Kitty?" he difficulty said as he scratches his back. As he stretched his arm, my eyes delightedly widen as my gaze was glued to his hairy armpits.     I shake my head mentally.     Dang, Keatton! You have a boyfriend, right? Dominick would be pissed if he will know this. Little did I know that as I swallow my saliva, Dr. Karsyn would hear it.     My senses began to melt away as my eyes focused on his armpit. It kinda reminds me of Dominick's. "Come here, Keatton" they are lengthy, swe
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Chapter 6: Lies That Can't Conceal
    It's been like thirteen hours that I've waited for Dr. Karsyn to arrive back. I sat back to the couch and rested my body to it. Maybe I will just wait a few more hours perhaps. "Oh, God! I'm starving. Where are you Doctor?" my stomach began to growl.      My feet lead me all the way to his table. I sat on his swivel chair and turn around. My eyes are sparkling with pure bliss as I saw the city lights from his glass partition walls.     "Such a majestic view to watch. I wonder where is Dominick right now. I should give him a call" my hands reached for my pocket "Where it is?... Oh! It's in the locker room!" My tongue clicked. The colors of the city light made me forget about my current situation.     I stood up and place my hands on the wall plastering with a huge smile on my face. My reflection smiled back at me. As my eyes went down to my neck, hickeys are countless
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Chapter 7: Tough Love, Indeed?!
    Morning came and my bed is giving me a comfortable warm embrace. My body couldn't seem to let go of it. Thunderstorms ruled my morning "Oh my God!" I nervously said as I cover myself with a blanket.     "Keatton darling? Wake up now. You have an intern to attend today" I grunt in confusion "Mom, can you let me sleep for a little bit more? I'll just email my boss that I can't go today. Haven't you heard about thunderstorms a while ago?" tried to convince my Mom.     "Your father is already in the dining area currently eating his breakfast. You don't want him to be the one who will knock on your door and to get you ready for your intern, do you?" with one blink of an eye, I rush going to the bathroom.    "Tell Daddy, Mom, that I'll be finished within five minutes" my voice echoed in the bathroom as I shout while giving my head some shampoo.     "
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Chapter 8: Overprotected
    "Give me your phone, Baby. I will be the one to call him" he opened his hands in front of me. "I-I am not sure if--" Daddy William sighed.     "Thought you want to make up with me? This it, Keatton. Give me your damn phone right now. Please don't press my button again" my face saddened.     I just hope that Dominick is busy right now. I pray that his phone died so that he won't be able to answer it. I don't want to break up with Dominick. He has been a good partner to me for two years and eight months.     "Daddy, you do know right that I am not a girl?" when I searched my pocket there's no phone there.     "I know, a'right! But you're gay so you're my princess now" he said while his arms crossed.    "Where's my phone?" Daddy William's eyebrow crossed. "Oh, God! I left my phone in the locker room!" I automatical
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Chapter 9: Tricked by His Semen
    Daddy William's teeth gritted "No! I hate you, Keatton. Can you come here for a while? My hands want to choke you badly" the cold air blow as raindrops began to hit my face. I smiled looking at Daddy William.     "I will go now, Daddy William. Keep safe driving" slammed his door shut.     "Also, if I wanted to be choked, definitely not from you. And that will be from Zaddy Zominick. Rawr!" I claw into the air like a cat as I tease Daddy William. He began to open his door and I am left with no choice but to run back to the company as my laughter continues.     "Keatton Morgan!" Daddy William shouted. He failed from chasing me so he went back to his car because the rain starts to pour heavily again.     Currently, I am the entrance door and here, I saw Daddy William looking at me "Bye, Daddy! I'll just beep you later if I need a car to ride
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Chapter 10: The Tea of His Semen
    My body froze a bit to evaluate if there is someone behind me. "W-Who is that Chris?" he remains gawking.     "Dear Lord, Dear God please tell me that it is not Dr. Karsyn?" my voice became low as my fingers crossed in the air.     My eyes closed hoping that it was not him. The next thing I know is that Chris pulled me back to the locker room.     "Is he there? Dang! We would be in so much trouble" my head shook. Chris's expression softened.    "Silly! No one is here except us. I was just avoiding ourselves to get caught at the CCTV" relief suffused in my features.     "Thank God!" my hands wiped the sweat formed on my forehead. "Wait, why are we hiding from the CCTV then?" he sighed.    "The reason behind why I keep on avoiding you is because of Dr. Karsyn" my face frowned. "And why
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