Grow As We Go

Grow As We Go

This is a 《Real Life》 fanfiction

By:  Kato Holmes  Ongoing
Language: English
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Bradley Oliver Jones was eight years old when he first heard "Phantom of the Opera" in New York.The lights gleaming across the stage, the voices of the performers ringing through the theater in a way that brought tears to the eyes of those listening. A wonderful canvas of brilliance painted bright by the dull colors of the world.The performance brought something wonderful to Bradley Oliver Jones.The theatre brought magic, brought light, brought hope into the mind of a little eight year old kid.A kid now dead set on being on that stage.And suddenly, the world was on fire, and everything was possible.

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Julia Nora
waiting for more chapters.. do you have any socmed that i can follow, maybe?
2021-08-04 20:00:58
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Kato Holmes
Wonderful read
2020-08-23 04:31:58
38 Chapters
Extended Summary
Bradley Oliver Jones, "Bo" to his friends, was only thirteen when he first stepped foot onto the Broadway Stage, the Imperial Theatre his new home for the next eighteen wonderful months as he preformed the role of "Gavroche." A boy who uses his wits to survive on the streets of Paris in the midst of a war.Fifteen years of his life was dedicated to the stage, every breath, every tear, every preformance he left the smallest piece of his soul on stage. Finding comfort in the impracticality of the life, making his small fortune in well placed stock buying and selling.It was gone in an instant.The world he had grown up in suddenly so far from his grasps, he tumbled to the ground, a well remembered token of the Broadway community 'gone to soon.'But he didn't go anywhere.Eighteen years after his original Broadway debut, and two years after falling of the hypothetical Broadway map, Bo is working on his first album, a testimant to how his struggles hav
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Bradley Oliver Jones
Bradley Oliver JonesBo, Bowie, Oliver, Oli.28 years oldFebruary 9th, 1985Occupation: Broadway Performer (previously), Composer, Musician, Writer.6 ft, 1 inDark Brown hairDark Blue eyesFlying Dumbo tattoo on upper fore
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Oscar Michael Torres
Oscar-Michael TorresOzzie.31 years oldJanuary 16th, 1982Occupation: Broadway Performer, Composer, Musician, Writer.5 ft, 8 inDark Brown hairDark Brown eyesTiny coffee cup tattoo on wrist, microphone on shoulder.
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Chapter One
There is an art to wandering.To become a part of the crowd without really being there.
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Chapter Two
Sleep was rare on most nights.Bo found the silence of the apartment much too loud, if that could even make sense. The way each creak of the floorboard seemed to be a ghost making its way down the hallway, the echoing sounds of the City just as haunting.The nightmares of his car accident had faded, though the missing indentation in his bed could sometimes bring them back.Too much of one noise and Bo would be trapped in a loop, a never ending cycle that turned the world upside down and left him stuck wondering which way was up.He often dreamed good dreams, of Broadway Stages and an unrecognized face telling him that everything would be alright. Though Bo found the most hope in the dreamless nights, in the way that his vision would fade to black and then it would be suddenly morning. Lights streaming in crooked through the curtains that he could never quite get closed all the way, the smell of the morning in the air.But that would not be this night.He had tried for hours to fall asl
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Chapter Three
It was for the better part of an hour that Bradley and Oscar spent texting, the former barely moving from the piano bench that he had found himself at, drinking his now cold tea with a smile on his face. They spoke of everything and yet at the same time barely anything rational, just little parts of life that they felt the need to share. Bo wasn’t really sure how to approach all of this, but the contentment that he felt was fully satisfying enough that he really didn’t mind where it went.Bo turned on the bench, reaching for his cane and standing in a fluid, and well-practiced, movement. He tottered for a moment, reaching for his mug only after tucking his phone into his sweatpants pocket, the smile was a constant on his face, despite the fact that he tried to shake it away.“You’re acting like a teenager with a crush.” The words were spoken out loud, despite the fact that he was alone in the apartment. It was not necessarily a habit that he felt the need to break, his therapist had re
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Chapter Four
The break in Bo’s perceived anonymity almost threw off the rest of his walk, the sudden realization that his sister would be visiting soon and that he would either have to share everything or work twice as hard to keep it a secret, an obviously apparent thought in his mind as he continued.His concentration faltered as he noticed that he had reached his destination, the frustration of what he must deal with far too demanding of his concentration to actually focus on the world around him. The restaurant was one that he had been to before, though not in a long time, he could just remember happy memories, though it was just beyond him to recall them all the happiest stuck out. First travels to the city when he was just barely thirteen, his vocal coach bringing him to the restaurant after rehearsal.Bo’s phone buzzed, and he glanced down, finding shelter from the sun just underneath the cabana of a bodega as he clicked it on.OSM:You mind if I bringsomeone else along?Nine Fourty Two a.m
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Chapter Five
Bo could not believe someone as apparently wonderful as Oscar would show any form of interest in him, but it was there, on full display at times, though in the smallest of ways.It all started with how Oscar approached Bo outside at the beginning of their (assumed) date; the remembered fact of Bo’s dislike of shaking hands and the way that he just smiled said hello to him with an incline of a head. Then onto the introduction of Bo to Jessamine and the careful offer of a hand to help him stand after his kneeling to greet the little newcomer, and w
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Chapter Six
Bradley had only been with his therapist for just over a half an hour and he was already wishing that he had made some sort of excuse to not show up. As a Doctor of Psychology, he fully recognized that therapy was something that everyone could benefit from. He himself had benefited from it throughout his first years on Broadway, so he wasn’t opposed to the process of therapy, just more specifically the fact that he was forced to do it.The largest part of him believed he should have made another attempt at changing his therapist, but the board saw no reason why. Though, the absolute smallest, and probably least rational, part of him muttered promises of this potentially helping.Potentially being the optimal word.More than anything all of this was required of him. No rational person would want their Psychologist to be not entirely right in the head, Bo had mostly come to terms with his leg, or lack thereof, so he didn’t particularly understand the entire situation anymore. One signatu
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Chapter Seven
Nearly three days later Bo had not heard a single word from Oscar.While the realist (and perhaps optimistic) side of his mind told him that it was because of the fact that Oscar was not only working on a musical, but also a single dad, the smallest part of his mind chanted that it was because he didn’t care to co
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