A12: I Want Damon Salvatore, Not a Gutter!

The boy continued as if I had never interrupted him. “One day she couldn't take it anymore. She is often ridiculed, harassed and humiliated. Therefore, she came to a remote cave to meditate. There she begged the devil to help her avenge her pain.

“On the seventh night, a terrifying-faced devil finally appeared. The devil asked the girl's wishes and the girl said she wanted to kill without hurting the victim much. First, the devil told him to do gulf or witchcraft, but the girl refused. She wants to spend the blood of her victims without grievances or significant injuries.

“So, the devil says he can make it happen. However, the girl must swear that she will still devote her soul to him: life or death. That will also apply to her grandchildren. The girl agreed and that was the beginning of the birth of vampires now.

“Even so, the girl never married nor had children. However, she created new vampires of her own free will. Her revenge was gon

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