Hidden parts of a Bad Hunter

Hidden parts of a Bad Hunter

By:  P I N K N E O N T O U C H  Ongoing
Language: English
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Alice is a wounded youth, haunted by heartaches from her past, not looking forward to the future, a gaping hole in her heart. Then one night she met him, her world tilted upside down and suddenly, she felt alive. Shaken up by unfamiliar emotions, burning through her. Daniel is too perfect, surely no human like him could exist? What is he truly hiding behind his beautiful smile and golden eyes that seemed to know her better than herself? Exactly who is he and why he's so devoted to her?

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3 Chapters
Prologue  Daniel's POV  
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Chapter 1
Warm eyes, black hairGrey eyes, gold hairLight and darkLife goes 

Count to threeI'll be beside youOne, you're warmTwo, You're softThree, so beautiful 

I hummed and nodded my head to the beat of the song while I do my homework, repeating the song over and over again unconsciously as my hand wrote the answers. My pen tapped in rhythm. 

One life, two lives, three livesLove togetherLive togetherI'll be with you foreverNever let goI'm always with youThink of meWait for me 

I stopped singing, since when the lyrics have those last parts? For a year the song only 'until forever', not wait for me. Well, I think I made that up. Well, that must be it, I mean I made up the whole song.Each year the lyrics get longer and longer, the words added up one by one, starting with 'warm eyes, black hair' then the second part, the third part and so on. Sometimes they came in three lines or like now, four lines in a row.I k
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Chapter 2
We sped through the night for awhile, Daniel, with the silent and completely empty street raced the whole way sending me squealing and giggling like a teenager with her first crush, well that was half true. Anyway...

"Usually girls would scream and cry!" He yelled through the wind whipping at my ears, looking over his shoulder for a moment.

"Well, I'm not most girls!" I yelled back at him.

Huh, nice to know that I was one of a lot of girls that ride with him on his motorcycle. Ha. Tear. Really, with face like him and body to die for no wonder if he spent every night with a different girl. And I just happened to stumbled on his path tonight, so he decided to take the little innocent kitten home. 

So pathetic.

"What's wrong?" He asked, yelling though the wind. 

I was surprised to say the least, he knew my worries, he must have done this a lot to know every girl worries and what not. 

Another notch on his belt then. Cue the tears here.

We turned left sharply, came to a stop, an
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