Chapter 70: No longer want to be with You

"What do I deserve to know, bastard?" Uno, in his brows puckered in a frown and usual scowl, uttered in a deep voice. He was wearing his rectangular glasses, his hair divided in the middle, and his white long sleeves polo curled up to his forearms.

"Uno..." I licked my lips and carefully walk towards him barefoot.

"Is there something that you don't want to tell me, Farrah? What is it?" His dark eyes darted at me. His face was already dark, his lips pursed in a grim line, and jaw clenching tightly. I bit the lower inner part of my lips and shook my head.

"Nothing, Dylan told me that...that he will tell you that I don't want to eat. That's it." I held his arm, my head bowed a bit, refusing to meet his eyes and be caught that I am only lying.

I saw in my peripheral vision that he scanned me from head to foot, and then I felt his hand touching my waist. My heart hammered fast and my cheeks burned in both nervousness and embarrassment.

"The Doctor told

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