Epilogue (Part 2)
"I have been showing her that I love her and I never stopped, but she seems like a blind or a deaf. She can't see nor hear what I am saying! But it was fine...because I love her."

"I even brought her to Batanes just so I can focus and letting her know how much I love her. We have been in a couple of fights, may it be big or small...we fought. I honestly thought that we won't make it, but I just love her dearly and I don't want to lose her so I am still here in front of her."

Shock was evident on her face as she glanced at me when I slowly went down on my knees.

"Uno...what are you doing?" She whispered. I smiled at her and reached for the velvet box on my pocket, and opened it.

"I can never lose my Farrah Saldivar again and I don't trust our first wedding...so I am asking her again."

"Farrah, will you marry me, for real and for love?" I asked.

Tears cascaded down her eyes when she saw the wedding ring. It was a simple white gold ring with a diamond on its top. Her initials are carved i
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Beautiful story
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Sheraline Austin
Not bad, but at some point, very confusing. There are too many grammar mistakes and
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