Final Chapter

Final Chapter!

Zon's Perspective

I cried when I remembered that Cassy has our child inside her.

I couldn't do anything but cry. I couldn't even give her my last hug and kisses.

Everything will end up with a sad ending! 

"Lord, please let me stay permanently! I promise to take good care of Cassy and our child! I won't ask for anything else, just please let me stay! My tongue said as I watched Mr. Smith hugging Cassy. We were all crying.

" Cassy... Be happy! I..." I shouted out loud when I found myself in my old house! Here in my world! I vanished in front of Cassy and did not know what happened to her.

"Waaaah! Huhuhu!" I was shouting non-stop. I wanted to grow old with my family! I wanted to see my child grew up in my arms! I wanted to spend my life with them until I die!" Huhuhu!

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