Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Cassy's Perspective

It was a cold rainy night, and what I and that guy, named Zon's situation was really amazing, we were meeting to found out about two worlds, his world and of course, my own world, but I couldn't find anything.

How amazing, wasn't it? The things you thought were a dream, was actually real? Well, we must expect the unexpected. Who knows what else could we see in the future.


I heard my phone rang and when I saw it, it was Drake. I opened his message and honestly, it made me smile.

"Hey, how are your bruises? Next time be careful with your steps, I don't want to see you getting hurt, and how sad you did not wait for me! You went home early, however, it's fine, see you tomorrow!" He texted with a smiling emoji's every sentence from his message.

Actually, I lied, my bruises were because of Berna, but I didn't want to tell him

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