Chapter 12

“What do you mean you killed Anthony?” Jon sounded surprised. Jon was Alex’s right-hand man, the only one he completely trusted. He was always there for him to give him advice.

“He touched something that belongs to me, and he needed to be punished. It is as simple as it gets,” Alex said gruffly.

“You mean to tell me you killed one of our best men because he touched one of your whores? WHAT THE FUCK ALEX!” Jon cried.

“Watch how you speak to me Jon, Suri is not a whore. “Or did you forget your place? That bastard dared to assault her right on my property. I consider that betrayal and the punishment for betraying me is death.” Alex snapped at Jon.

“I am sorry for yelling, Alex, but this is insane. How do I explain it to the rest of the gang? You killed one of their brothers over a woman. They will never agree with that. You us

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Jana Kloppers
i am by chapter 13 now there is own 4 coins i can not open chapter 14 now i love reading the debt collector now
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Laurie Ball
i like the story so far.

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