December's Symphony 2 Teaser

I watched as Francesco pulled up in his Maybach with two of his bodyguards, and the first thing I noticed was that he had no entourage along with him.

Was this his way of showing that he meant me no harm?

Even so, this bothered me. Why would he need to show me this?

I input my thumbprint on the pad in my phone and the gate opened. Thereafter my men collected their guns and walked them through to my office.

I do not know how to handle this. What do I do if I discover my family might be in more danger than I originally anticipated? Amaranthe is too weak to go into hiding by herself.

Francesco saunters into my office and glances towards my desk with a disturbed look on his face. His bodyguards follow suit and stand behind him.

“Dimitri,” he greets me with a nod and I return the gesture.

“Glad you could be here, Francesco,”

There was no point in being an asshole right now. If there was something he needed to

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