St Leonards - Anastasiya

Killian was sitting opposite me, trying to convince me to change my mind.

“Please reconsider, Anastasiya. I am sure we can make this work.” He said as we’re sitting in St Leonard’s cafeteria. I had decided to take my father up on his offer of choosing someone of my own free will. Killian and I would never work, not after finding out about his man whore ways.

“I’m sorry, Killian, but I have seen and heard things about you. We would never work out, not with your wandering eye and cheating ways.” I tell him and stand up from the cafeteria table, “You’re free now to fuck around with whoever you want to, just not with me.” Then I turn to leave.

The last thing I needed was to be disrespected by a boy in a lower tier than my Bratva line.

I started adopting more of my brother’s attitude and confidence over the last few days. Seeing how people respected him when he walked into a room made me realize

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