Chapter 140: Eyes

I didn't know what to say or what to uttered. I was too stunned as I watch him this close again. His pitch black eyes, alluring stare it was all surreal. It was as if I was hanging in the air when his eyes looked at me for a long time. And it inflict pain to me more when he's glancing at me like I'm fragile again. Like he used too.

"It's nice to see you…" I whispered.

"How are you?" I tried to sound cool but I know its more than that.

His lips were parted as his eyes stayed at me. I can see the gaze of some on me. Their gaze were on us as I tried to supressed a smile.

"I'm good, Ria."

He didn't smile as a response for me. His eyes were seriously focused on me. His eyes were glint of hope, shocked and mesmerize drowning in my system.

My lips were trembling at the sight of him. Just like before, I feel like I'm getting burned. The stare he's giving me were like a glimpse of my sorrow. When I stare at him, all the memories gradually retu

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