Chapter 145: Pain

I didn't know that staring at him this long may bring slight pain at me. Like everything felt nostalgic the way he looked at me. As usual. The memories had all back as I glanced at him again. I have a lot to say. But I can't uttered any a single word as I gasp when a memory of prom entered my mind.

And, I saw how Klaud gaze were instills on me.

I don't know how I endured his stare at me. His eyes were tainted with pain, and I can sense it the way he looked at me. I’m a little sad for that. It's really true that for one wrong move you can dent something. Whether it's tangible or not. I noticed how long his eyes were on me. Like he's reading something through me. I averted my gaze from him there.

The melancholic music sent chills down my spine. The bitterness bit me even more when he spoke again. Like he's saving every second for me to finally divery my attention to him. I bit my lip as he turned sharply.

"Can you look at me, Ria." he whispered huskil

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