Kasey's King
Kasey's King
Author: Larissa


'Some say it was destiny. And some say it was fate. Which was in my mind the exact same thing as destiny. But in my opinion... it was just shitty, bad luck.'

"Kasey." I heard a deep voice say to me in my slumber, to which I just merely responded with a soft grunt.

"Kasey!" The voice yelled, causing me to look up and scan my surroundings.





I fell asleep during class, again. Good job, Kasey. You should do this more often. Maybe you'll finally achieve something in life. Like being a hit on youtube for making an ocean out of saliva. 

"Huh... What?" I draweled in utter confusement. The whole class snickered softly and giggles were heared from the bitches sitting infront of me. She turned around and heaved a drawed eyebrow, taunting me.

Go fuck a horse, whore.

"I asked you a question, miss Manely." My math teacher said with a fuming voice. I could just see from his red face and his hands on his fat be- I mean hips, that he wasn't happy about the fact that I was snoring in his lesson. At least, I think I was snoring, and if I wasn't, I would be dissapointed in myself for not bringing the best out of Mr.Hasen's class and his fat double chi- I mean, face.

"Uh... Could you repeat that specific question, Mr.Hasen?" I said mockingly which made the class snicker, except for the whores sitting infront of me, they just rolled their eyes back into their sockets and turned around. Oh, how I wish they would fucking stay that way. I'd never, ever again had to look at her stupid face.

"Of course." Mr.Hasen hissed.

Jesus bro, say it don't spray it.

"Please, answer the sum on the board." He said with a smirk on his face. Knowing that I didn't know the answer.

Bad luck for you, fatass. 'Cause my friend who was sitting beside me tapped her pencil against her notebook where the answer was located.

"23y + 45x." I said grinning like the smug little bastard that I am. I had seriously no idea what I just said but from the way his head looked on the brinch of exploding, I knew that I had it right.

He opened his mouth to speak, but we were saved by the bell from dying of his flying saliva.

"Class, dismissed." He grunted looking me with sheer hatred in the eye.

I was so lucky to sit in the back row. I shivered as images of sitting in te front row shot into my head. Jesus, I pitied those people in the front.

I walked out of the classroom and waited at my locker till my friend emerged. She opened up her own locker which was located next to mine. I know, cliché. I don't care tho, deal with it.

"Hey, hoe." I greeted.

"Sup, slut?"

"Not much. Thanks for helping me in math, you were a real life saver."

"No worries." She said and linked her arms with me after shutting her locker.

I copied her action and together we walked to the cafeteria, gossiping about the latest facts.

"Did you know that Tynsley was found with Mr.Fanté in the janitor closet?"

"No, but doesn't suprise me. I just knew she had a thing for hairy guys." We erupted into laughter and sat down at our lunch table.

Mr.Fanté, my English teacher was known for his hairy butt crack. He always wore low pants, which isn't a big problem, but he seems to forget his underwear at times. And, O God please help me, you do not want to see that booty.

And Tynsley being known as the slut of the school. And as y'all know, there is always a main slut in high-school. Which is Tynsley. Her blonde curls and tanned skin looked like they were made out of caramel. Not the good kind. She was the one with the drawed eyebrows and painted face. God, even her chest was made of plastic.

And, yes, I know fake tits aren't made of plastic. But hers sure look like it. And if you're wondering how I know this. She fucking walkes around this school like it's for nudists. Gross. Like literally het skirt doesn't even reach her legs. And her top doesn't even touch her fucking belly. And if you're imagining a pornstar right now. You're close to it. She only misses the cum on her fa- nevermind. She probably has that too on the weekends.

Anyway back to the present. Mase and I were eating our frites when I suddenly feel two hands go around my chest onto my breasts. "Hey babe, you in for a quickie?" I hear a deep voice say.

"Go fuck yourself, Anthony." I sneered and scratched his arms with my nails. Such a nice girl I am.

"Auch!" He yelped, "what the hell."

"Shouldn't have touched my boobs, buddy."

He scowled at me before returning to the 'popular' table and pulling Tynsley in his lap. And from the look on her face, she doesn't mind playing with my sloppy seconds. 
He he he *evil laugh*

"Ey, you still up for tonight or are you backing out?" Harry said, sitting down beside me and grabbing some fries from my tray.

"Of course. I'm no pussy." I said shoving his shoulder. Harry put his arm around my shoulder and kisses my temple in reply.

"You sure about that?" He smirked and pinched my cheek.

"Go bother your girlfriend, hairy boy." I said ruffling my hand through his blonde curls.

"Love you too, K." He teased and shove towards his girlfriend, Bonny, who was already sitting with us in the mean time.

Next to Mase was sitting Brace, her boyfriend. They were murmering to each other and accasionelly giving little kisses. They were super cute. And gross at times. I'm so loner. They were both brown skinned and have brown hair and eyes. Mase's hair was straightened out with a straightener and Brace had small curls all over his head.

"K?" Harry nudged my arm which caused my arm to be shoved into the fucking ketchup.

"Ahh!" I groaned, "nasty."

"Sorry, sis." He gave me an apoligizing look and pooted his lips, "please, forgive me?'

"Apology not accepted." I teased.

"No..." he fake wailed, "how can I earn your forgiveness, my beloved sister?"

"You gotta lick it clean!" I screamed before pushing my covered arm into his face. He didm't see it coming and was too late to block my move 'cause the ketchup was already covering his nose and left cheek. I broke into a fit of laughter and my friends joined. Harry was giving me playful glares before shoving a frie into my shirt.

"Ew." I sqeeuled and grabbed my yoghurt before throwing it on his face, which caused Bonny to be covered in yoghurt too.

She laughed loudly before grabbing her spaghetti and throwing it at me. And me being a trained assasin, I dodged. Which caused the spaghetti to land on Anthony and his personal whore, Tynsley.

I barked out a laugh and screamed, "food fight."

Everyone stood up and started throwing their food. The teachers were looking stunned at the event and had no idea what to do.

I told my friends to follow me and together we sneaked out of the cafeteria and ran to our cars. Mase, Bonny and I ran towards Mase's car and the boys jumped into Harry's car.

"Let's go to the beach!" Mase and I screamed.

I turned on the radio on full volume and the three of us sang along the lyrics.

The boys followed us in their car towards the beach. We pulled up at the beach and began pulling off our clothes. Me being me, I was wearing my Ladybug underwear and a black bra. Good choice, Kasey.

Harry and Brace grabbed their girlfriend and ran into the cold awaiting ocean. I hurried after them and dived into the water.

"O-o my G-god. It's s-so cold." Harry was coming towards me and dove onto me bringing us both into the water. My head was underwater and I opened my eyes seeing Harry with closed eyes and air-filled cheeks. I came up and began laughing like a hyena, "your face." I said between laughter and soon Harry joined in.

The rest was already out of the water, onto the dry, warming up in the car with towels around them.

"Let's go, K."

"Good idea, hairy."

We hurried towards the car, the chilly air running along our wet bodies.

We got in the warmed up car and grabbed a towel, which were always in the back of the car, just to be sure. I looked into the mirror from the car and saw my tangled, wet, black hair, purple lips, and pink cheeks. My grey eyes held a tingling spark and pure joy.

Mase and Bonny put their arms around me in a small group hug to warm ourselves up.

This is what having real friends feels like.

When we were all dried up and ready to go the sun was already going down. It was magnificent. The beautiful orange glow seemingly touching the earth. The reddish sky with birds flying high. I sighed in content and closed my eyes, listening to the soft melody playing from the radio.

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