Kasey's King

Kasey's King

By:  Larissa  Completed
Language: English
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When Kasey decides to go home with two guys, expecting an one-night-stand, she got something that's not even close to that. Something that will change her life.The moment she walks into that castle, her desires stirr up. Her desires to the king of Windstone. She may not be a royal, but she surtenly knows how to seduce the king. Her adventure begins. And how it begins? With her mouth wide open and an intelligent question hanging in the air while she stares at his deliciously shaped rear, "How can your ass be bigger than mine?"

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Kree Geraldine
This was a cute read. Definitely would like to see what next for them.
2021-04-05 06:03:26
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Kellie Blitchington Faucon
Loved this book. Well written. I could not stop reading it.
2020-11-20 13:29:54
default avatar
????? so sweet .. n you made me laugh so much reading this one ! Please keep coming ! Really enjoy your books?
2020-09-03 08:55:17
42 Chapters
'Some say it was destiny. And some say it was fate. Which was in my mind the exact same thing as destiny. But in my opinion... it was just shitty, bad luck.'"Kasey." I heard a deep voice say to me in my slumber, to which I just merely responded with a soft grunt.
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"Kasey! You ready?!"When we were driving from the beach towards our home Mase began to whine about food. And me being me, I helped. So, the boys decided to bring us to McDonalds. After we went to McDonalds for our diner we drove to Harry and my house, getting ready for the night. I wore ripped up jeans and a loose red with white striped top. I grabbed my white sneakers and pulled them on before grabbing my black leather jacket and running out the door, jumping into the awaiting car with my frie
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"NO! Never!""YES! now!" Mase, Bonny and I screamed at the boys."No. No. We are not watching that chick shit movie." Harry stated.
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After we ate the cake and they gave me their presents, we started preparing the plans for tonight.We all agreed to go out to a club tonight. 'Cause I just turned eighteen, the last one of our group. And I could finally drink alcohol, well, in my parents point of view. Not the government... Not that I didn't do it before or anything...
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We were almost at our destination. We had driven for about half an hour before we were finally in the town next to us. Called Vallon Hill. It had pretty little shops with boards hanging outside. There were trees, flowers and lots of decorations. But even though there were lots of colors, it felt like death itself was living in this town. Like literally, I think I saw a dead rat lying on the sidewalk. Not so sure, though, could've been poop too.I shr
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I was currently locked in a huge room. I was screaming my ass off and hurling myself at the door and it wouldn't fucking budge. It was starting to piss me off.So I decided to kick the door. Which wasn't a good idea. 'Cause my toe went double and it wasn't standing straight anymore. And it hurts like a bitch.
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You know when you get abducted or kidnapped.Actually, no, not kidnapped. I'm no longer a kid! I'm 18!Forgot about that for a moment...
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"Hmm..." I moaned, "so good!""More...""Tastes so good!" I said before taking another piece of the chocolat tart.
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When I finished putting on my clothes, a white skinny jeans with a black t-shirt on top of it, I got out of the bathroom and found the maid tidying up my bedroom. It wasn't a big problem or something, but I can do it myself. She doesn't have to do it for me. If I made the mess, I shall clean it.I should become a poetic.
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Half an hour has passed and I'm still wondering around the hallways. It's truly a maze of some kind. I keep returning to the same point and it looks like I'm walking in freaking circles. I was trying to get back to the bedroom I was staying in, but there was a small obstacle.My stomach growled loudly once more and I scowled to the open air. I need food.
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