Zeenah; In a restless motion. With her hair unkempt like a bag of millet. Tossing around from edge to edge of her bed. She still couldn't bring herself to believe what Abubakar was asking of her.

Jolly-good! They've been together for three years and he had never tried to even hold her hand. Why was he now asking for something worst than he had ever asked for? Is that the Abubakar she fell in love with?

She wiped the lone tear that escaped her eyes and looked at her phone which was beside. He didn't even call, nor did he text her like he always did. Could he be this angry?

It was written all over her frustrated figure, "She miss him."

Mustering some courage, Zeenah decided to call him and pretend like everything is okay. That should work right? She thought.

The phone rang and rang for a while before it ended without the call being picked up. She tried again and again but all her calls still went unanswered.

"He must be really upset."

She sat up, wiped her face and tried composing a message for him.

'Good morning Sugarplum. You still angry? Okay, how do you expect us to work this out when you don't even want to talk to me? At least I deserve a chance to explain myself. Stop being so childish please.'

It was after the message been delivered that she noticed what she typed at the end. Hell is going to break loose when he reads that part.

She was waiting in an empty silence for almost thirty minutes but still no response and or reply from him. The image became clear now, "he is upset to an immeasurable extent."

Trying to put everything behind her and do her chores. She sat up, putting a bravado character; tied a wrapper upon her night gown and left the room. Inna was sitting beside the coal pot preparing _Kunu and Kosai_ (Pap and Akara) which was one of Zeenah's favorite.

"I don't know when you'll learn to wake up early and help me with all the chores. You'll always sleep and wake up late. _Haka zakiyi in mun kaiki gidan mijinki?"_

Zeenah's heart twisted at the mention of the word 'husband'. So Abubakar is already referred to as her husband. Is it right to do what he wants then? Flabbergasted Zeenah was lost in thoughts again.

_"Inna!"_ Zeenah whined before sitting beside her and collecting the large bowl which was full of _"Kullun Kosai"_ I had a long stressful day yesterday and a sleepless night all together. I'm sorry."

"Your excuse everyday! _Allah shiryeki."_

"Amin Inna. Is Baba yet to be back?"

"Yes. They are all yet to be back since today is Saturday. But they'll be back any moment from now."

Zeenah was silent as she continued frying the akara while Inna kept staring at her.

"Are you okay? You look razzle-dazzling."

'I'm not okay Inna. I'm pretty messed up right now was her thought.'

"I'm okay, just tired. I'll like to go visit Khadija later on after zuhr (Early Noon) In sha Allah."

"May Allah spare our lives till then."



He read the message over and over again, wondering if he should reply, call or ignore her. He missed her as much as she missed him. But she has to learn her mistake, she has to know his value and trust him as much as he trust her.

What is so wrong in letting him exercise his rights? They are already engaged and he needs to know what he's taking in as a wife.

'Taste before buying' A loony's thinking perhaps.

That's the idea these days to taste what you're buying before purchase. Thus, he had no intention of letting Zeenah go even after tasting her. He loves her and not even tasting her would change that fact. But why can't she just trust him? Does she think he's trying to take away her dignity and then call of the wedding?

Is that how low of him she thinks?


Abubakar is also the first and only child in his family. With his parents dead since he was in junior secondary School due to car accident, he grew up with his Uncle, Malam Kabir. Who is a Nabob.

Also born and brought up in kaduna. A graduate of business administration in ABU zaria.

He sat and thought on and on about Zeenah's denial to his rights. He won't deny the fact that he's not hurt with what she did, and if she won't agree to it, then there's no point in harnessing their relationship. Zeenah needs to trust him.

He switched off his phone, picked up his car keys and left.


She draped the blue veil over her head to compliment the blue ankara she wore. Looking at herself in the mirror, she smiled before clicking a mirror selfie of her. She was about sending it to Abubakar when she remembered he was still angry and still didn't reply her text nor called her back.

Should she also ignore him? No, her subconscious answered, you are the one at fault, so keep apologizing.

She then sent the picture with a caption 'I'm all yours sugarplum, now, always, and for ever'

He would reply right? That was what she was hoping.

"Inna I'll get going now" she said as she stepped out of her room.

"Take care and come back before maghrib." Inna's words were forewarning."

"I'll. Bye"

The ride to Samira's house was filled with thoughts on how to apologize to Abubakar, worse still, filled with preposterous thoughts.

"You're just coming? I've been expecting you since morning."

"You know Inna won't allow that right?"

"Inna is very strict most times."

'"She's much more better than Baba, trust me. Where's Mama?" Zeenah asked.

"She went out, will be coming back later. Now tell me, what is the problem?"

"I'm confused" Zeenah said as she sat up "I don't know what to do, and even if I do, I don't think it's the right thing to do. Khadija I'm so messed up right now."

"What is it?"

"Before I tell you, I have a question for you. What do you make of guys who asked their fiancee to exercise marital rights before they are married?"

"I....don't really get you girl. Like, when you two are engaged to the way you and Abubakar are?"


"What the hell!" Samira snapped angrily "sorry for my use of language but that's total Bullshits. If he does really love you, why not wait till the time is right? is he stupid or what? You know, I've never liked that Abubakar of yours seriously. Dump the fool and ride on with your life girl."

"How did you know?"

"How did I know what? That Abubakar is asking you of this? I've known you for so long that I know what is in that head of yours, Miss."

"I'm confused, I don't know what to do or even say. He's so angry that he didn't call me nor reply any of my messages."

"I said to dump him!" Samira snapped again.

"But I love him!" She said giving a handsome reminder.

"I know you do, but can you at least think of how preposterous what he's asking of you is?"

"I..." Her phone buzzed as a message from her WhatsApp popped in.

'Prove that you are mine, let me make you yours baby.'

He replied! He finally did! Was the happy thought in her head.

"You know what, you're right. I'll still tell him no and see what he says. Thank you girl."

Samira looked at her suspiciously with one brow raised. What is happening to her friend?

'I'm all yours, and you know that Sugarplum. I love you so much to let something as small as this come between us.'

She typed back and Samira kept looking at her.

"Are you sure you won't succumb to his wish?"

"I won't. Please, spare me the issue. Just go cook the lunch you were about making and let me rest please."

Khadija looked at her again before leaving the room with a sense of security.

'Are you saying you'll do it?' Abubakar replied.

'I'll..if that is what you want, "I shall."

"I love you so much. Will give you a call in a minute.' From all axis and indications, Zeenah was in a _Koyaanisqatsi_.

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