Broken Within

Broken Within

By:  Mjay  Completed
Language: English
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*Daily updates*She felt as if she were floating. Her eyes were closed, and everything about her felt soft, a luxuriating fluffiness like the satin down comforter her grandma used to have. She thought she must have been sleeping. There was a not-unpleasant heaviness to her limbs, like the time she could finally sit down after standing and walking in the market for hours.Then her brain started to focus in a peculiar sort of way, powerless over thoughts that surfaced unbidden. Abubakar suddenly came to he had gotten her this way, and how she longed to tell Maama, but couldn't. Maama. . .As her consciousness began to return, she tried without success to open her eyes. Something tight and sticky was holding her lids together. Now she knew she was sleeping. She'd felt that strange paralysis before when wrapped in layers of her dreams, her legs turned to lead as she ran from shadowy pursuers and her eyes became inert shutters. She was scared, what frightened her most was her breathing. Her hand blindly went to her mouth, where she found the tube.Yaa Rahman! She was in a hospital!Her heart was thunderously racing, filling her chest with explosive fear. She blindly pulled at the tube, ripping it from her throat, gagging violently as it made her gasp and choke. But finally, finally, It was free, and she flung it far away.

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Raeesah Sader
interesting read this far . a bit lost with the transliteration,but all in all its it's a good read ...️
2022-09-16 04:36:47
user avatar
Good story and amazing flows!
2020-08-28 17:28:17
user avatar
Liza Bajik Edmund Lemada
is this a complete book
2020-07-31 14:02:09
user avatar
Bella b
interesting read❤️
2020-07-24 15:43:35
user avatar
Wow, your descriptions are pleasant. Little by little, the setting is being established. And in the last parts, it surprised me what she did. This story in already in my lib.
2020-07-22 23:44:52
user avatar
This book is superb and I love it. From the words, emotions, plots and everything. I cant wait to get to the end of this heart touching novel. I must say, this is one of your best writings I've come across.
2020-07-22 19:50:11
75 Chapters
1. The Engagement
The large compound of Malam Kabir was fully filled with people. All moving in different directions in preparation for their first daughter/granddaughter's baiko (engagement). It was the first wedding in the family after five years. The excitement and colloquy between the people was evident.  Deep inside the large household was a room filled with ladies from ages 20 to above, all cheering the said bride with a sneer on her face as she ducked her head. The feeling in the pit of her stomach, unexplainable. The D-day was finally here. "The day of her engagement" The day she would finally be tagged as 'Abubakar's fiancee'. And in three months time; she would be 'Mrs Abubakar'. That feeling; wa
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Zeenah; In a restless motion. With her hair unkempt like a bag of millet. Tossing around from edge to edge of her bed. She still couldn't bring herself to believe what Abubakar was asking of her.Jolly-good! They've been together for three years and he had never tried to even hold her hand. Why was he now asking for something worst than he had ever asked for? Is that the Abubakar she fell in love with?She wiped the lone tear that escaped her eyes and looked at her phone which was beside. He didn't even call, nor did he text her like he always did. Could he be this angry?It was written all over her frustrated figure, "She miss him."Mustering some courage, Zeenah decided to call him and pretend like everything is okay. That should work right? She thought.The phone rang and rang for a while before it ended without the call being picked up. She tried again and again but all her calls still
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3. The Mistake
There is a theory that nothing in nature is ever lost__that every sound ever made, every word ever spoken, still exist somewhere in space and time and may one day be recalled.So, probably, someday what she did will surely be known, and she'll suffer the consequences of her action.She shouldn't have agreed to it. Khadija warned her against doing it. She knew it was wrong__yet, she agreed to it. Why? Because she can't loose him because of something that simple.He's going to marry her right? So why deny him what he'll eventually get?But yet, she couldn't bring herself to shake of the feeling of guilt.She looked out of her dark window and shiver at the thought of her father getting to know what she did. She'll probably be a dead meat by then.What she did was a mistake she won't repeat.She wiped the lone tear that escaped her eyes and looked away. She ha
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4. Cold Knees
Zeenah shut the door behind her, pushed her aching shoulders impossibly straighter and let the sound of voices guide her to her room. Her heart slammed against her sternum as she passed through the doorway. Conversation skidded to a halt. Expectant eyes turned toward her.Now what? The last thing she wanted was sympathy.Forcing an unconcerned expression to her face, Zeenah sat on her bed, dragged one of the suitcases in front of her and started looking through.Within minutes, the room emptied and she was left alone with Samirah, who registered her a seething look which she never noticed.She winced and shifted uncomfortably before forcing her gaze towards the window."Don't go through this without cleansing yourself Zeenah. Don't do it, its not possible." Samirah said in a cautionary tone.She let the tears she had been holding back rush down her cheeks. Her shoulders sh
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5. Mrs Abubakar
The feeling is there, that awful feeling that she's doing the wrong thing all over again. It had been nagging her for three days now and it's already too late to stop what was happening.  She was now officially Mrs Abubakar. Zeenat Kabir Abubakar Abukur. The refusal of Samira to attend the wedding had painted a grief in Zeenah’s psyche, According to her, the wedding is null and void until they cleanse their selves. Deep down, Zeenah knew she was right one way or the other, but she still couldn't bring herself to accept what they did was wrong and ought to cleanse themselves before marriage. Well, whatever the case maybe___the deed had already been done. The soft tap on the door brou
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6. What Went Wrong?
She opened her eyes slowly but quickly shot them back. She tried opening them for the second time and slowly adjusted to the white roof above her. Where was she? She wondered as she looked around and saw that the walls were also painted white.She tried turning to her right side but felt a sharp pain pierce through her throat. It hurts a lot she thought."You're awake, Ya Allah. Thank you for waking up, you scared me Zeenatu. I'm so sorry okay? I won't do it again__I promise."That was when she felt the warmness of another hand in hers. She felt the hand being squeezed and kissed slowly. What happened? She thought again."I'm sorry. I know I shouldn't have done it, I know I shouldn't have let my anger cloud my sense of judgement. But please forgive me, I promise not to repeat it again."That was when everything crashed back to her memory. The slaps. The chocking. And the beating with the b
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7. I Love You
It wasn't as though, he had ever had the intention of beating his wife. It was not a dream and definitely not the best thing he had ever done. He's sure there's more to what he did than what was let out.The feeling of remorse flowed through his veins like some blood he survives on. He feels pathetic for ever raising his hands at her. But then, what will take away the thought of her having the baby that isn't really his?He inhaled deeply, his right hand over his face, as his right leg was sprawled on the floor in his bedroom, while his left foot was crossed over. He had been sitting in the same position for the past two hours ever since he had left the hospital with Khadija.He knew she was still preparing the food she was asked to, but he still couldn't bring himself to forget her expression when she saw the mess and dried blood trailing in the living room. What was she thinking? That couldn’t be brought to hi
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8. The Baby
A fraction of what was happening these days felt so unreal to her. She had always known that her Abubakar was romantic, but not as he had been these past few days.Guilty conscious, perhaps? Probably.He might have really changed like he had been saying for the past few weeks. Her Abubakar is finally back and more of an upgrade. Zeenah thought happily as she prepared his breakfast. But as soon as she cracked an egg, she felt nauseous and had to run to the nearest toilet and threw up.When will this morning sickness ever end, she wondered sadly as she leaned her back against the sink trying to catch up her breath."Thought I made it clear that I don't like you stressing yourself with your condition?" She heard his voice behind her."I was just preparing your breakfast.""You shouldn't have bothered" Abubakar replied as he helped her back to the living
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9. Gone
The baby is gone' was the thought that crossed Zeenah's mind as soon as she opened her eyes, surveying her surrounding, she realized she was in a hospital, AGAIN.This was the second time she had been admitted to a hospital ever since she had gotten married months back. Was it a coincidence? Or was something certainly wrong with their marriage?''Kin tashi?'' (Are you awake?), she heard his voice whisper ''I thought I was going to lose you.'' Abubakar added as he moved close to her, taking her right hand which was free of drip in his and squeezing it so tight. His heart jerked at the feel of her cold hands in his.Zeenah looked up at him with her doe brown eyes and noted the dark circles around his eyes. Oh, how she loves this man as much as he loves her.''What happened?'' She managed to ask softly, her voice so soft that he had to strain his ears more to get what she was trying to say.A
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10. Games
Two days later, Abubakar notified Zeenah  that he would be travelling to Zaria on a matrimony basis; Zeenah stared at him, in her thought, asking who could this be that she is not aware of and moreso, never heard about. "Yaayy! should I get my bags ready too?''She interrupted Abubakar from operating his phone. “Pack your bags and go to?'' He asked slowly.''I thought you'd be taking me along, ain’t you?''Did I say so? What gave you that impression?''Okay, Zeenah thought. Why was he getting all worked up over something that simple?''Never mind. I'll get your bag ready then. By the way, who's this 'anonymous friend’ of yours?'' She asked, air quoting the favourite cousin's part.Okay! He had had enough of her bullshits. ''When was it made a policy for me to tell you everything about myself? I can't remember when the law was p
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