Broken Within
Broken Within
Author: Mjay

1. The Engagement

The large compound of Malam Kabir was fully filled with people. All moving in different directions in preparation for their first daughter/granddaughter's baiko (engagement).

It was the first wedding in the family after five years. The excitement and colloquy between the people was evident. 

Deep inside the large household was a room filled with ladies from ages 20 to above, all cheering the said bride with a sneer on her face as she ducked her head. The feeling in the pit of her stomach, unexplainable.

The D-day was finally here.

"The day of her engagement"

The day she would finally be tagged as 'Abubakar's fiancee'. And in three months time; she would be 'Mrs Abubakar'. That feeling; was a sight to behold.

She couldn't describe her feelings that very moment. She was happy. No scratch that, her face was full of a vanilla smile.

It had always been a dream of hers. It had always been a fantasy, and to finally see that dream and fantasy coming true was just surreal.

Her phone which was beside her suddenly rang and all eyes turned to her.

"It's not who I'm thinking, is it?" Samira Bashir, Zeenah's favored companion asked with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

"Don't start it please babe" Zeenah pleaded as her phone kept ringing.

"Uh-huh!" Hauweey started as she rolled her eyes "pick up the call babe before he gets here when he's not ready to."

Zeenah smiled and ignored them completely before standing up and walking into the bathroom, looking back to make sure no one was following her. She shut the wooden door and then dialed his number because the call has ended.

"You know, sometimes I get scared when you don't pick my call. Feels like you're going to call off the wedding anytime soon" he said in a blurry tone.

Zeenah smiled and leaned against the sink behind her.

"That won't happen anytime soon. Remember, you and I are bonded for life till eternity Sugarplum."

Abubakar closed his eyes, letting Zeenah's small, soft, and slutty like voice get buried deep beneath his heart. 

Finally, the struggle he had been striving for will come to an end either today or tomorrow.

"I love you" he whispered slowly, "I love you so much that it hurts sometimes."

"I love you more. You know I do, and I'll keep telling you that till the end of time Bi'iznillah."

He inhaled deeply and imagined Zeenah's large doe eyes staring at him and his heart lurched so hard in his chest. Zeenah is the best he had ever had. And today, he'll finally make her his - completely. In every way possible.

"I'll come over after Isha prayers In shaa Allah, there's something we need to talk about."

"Okay. Allah ya kaimu. I can't wait to see that handsome face of yours."

'You won't just see it, you're going to do much more than just stare at it babe. Trust me' Abubakar thought as a wide smile spread across his lips.

"I can't wait too. Take care okay? And please wear something red sweetie."

"Sure. Take care mmhmn? I love you."

"I love you more."

And the call ended, with a goofy smile on both faces. 

Love is truly beautiful.

Three hours later . . . 

"Kawas, kinyi goshi fa!" Samira exclaimed happily "just look at all those cartons and suitcases. My dear, they are just for engagement ooo. Tab! Wannan lefe kuma se ya?"

"I tell you!" Hauweey chirped in "you remember that song we planned to sing for one another when one of us would be into matrimony?" She asked, directing the question to Samira.

"Sure I do babe. Want to sing it?" Samira asked, smiling evilly.

"Sure babe!"

One day will be your wedding day,

Mr Habu will be your husband,

Khadija will be your flower girl,

And Hauweey will take you home!

They all burst into fits of laughter as they hugged each other tightly. These three friends have been friends right from secondary school days.

Zeenah is the oldest of four siblings - Khadija, Sadiq and Ahmad. She is a graduate of polytechnic kaduna where she studied business administration and had her first diploma.

Malam Kabir is a well known scholar and also the chief Imam of the mosque in their area. His wife; Inna Asiya, a complete housewife. They hail from katsina state but based in kaduna.

Zeenah and Abubakar have been dating for three years. They met at a wedding and it was love at first sight.

"I love you all. You are more than just friends to me girls, we are soul sisters." Zeenah said as she sniffed "I wish we are all getting married at the same time".

"We'll all get married when the time comes. We'll start with you and before you know it, ours will come."


"We'll get going now. Its almost maghrib."

"Sure babes. Thank you so much for coming. Take care and regards to everyone."

She glanced at her golden chain watch and saw that it was almost eight thirty. Wondering why Abubakar was not here already. 

She checked the mirror one last time and adjusted the small veil she was wearing, mashed some more red lipstick and sprayed more perfume.

She hissed and checked the time again, this time her phone suddenly buzzed with a message.

"I'm outside babe. Hope you're wearing something red"

She chuckled and stood up without replying before looking down at her A-shaped gown which was so tight upwards and fluffy downwards. Zeenah is the type ladies tag as 'figure 8 babes', which was why the gown hugged all the right curves.

Abubakar is in for deep shit!

She peeped into her mother's room and saw her praying.

"I'll be outside with Abubakar, Inna" she said and quickly left before her Mom could reprimand her for putting on too much perfume and using a small veil.

Sadeeq and Ahmad were yet to be back from Masjid, so she left without going with any of them as she always did.

Though, after going out she gives one of her brothers either 20 or 50 naira and the boy will go off without joining both spouses in the car.

She cat walked slowly to the car, swaying her hips from side to side with a wide smile on her face. She's so happy and Abubakar ought to see it.

She opened the front door and hopped into the car. Turning slowly, she let her eyes scan the chocolate skinned guy, with a full grown beard and side burns which was dyed brown, he was dressed in a sky blue getzner and a Borno made cap, with a sneer on his face, he looked just the way any lady could love. "Handsome."

"You look amazing, and I love your perfume" came his husky voice.

"You don't look bad yourself Sugarplum. Good evening."

"Evening sweetie, how are you?"

"I'm fine, and I've never been happy like I am today. I'll now be tagged as your fiancée not just your girlfriend."

"Yes, and I intend to make use of that title wholeheartedly" he said slowly as he took one of her hands in his.

The spark they felt was real. This was the first time Abubakar has ever tried being intimate with her physically, and they both can't point out what the new feeling they were witnessing means. Its so new and the best they've felt so far.

"W...wh..what are" Zeenah stuttered trying so hard to calm her beating chest. What is this new weird feeling? She wondered.

"Zeenah" he began and right then, Zeenah knew that whatever it was he was about to say was serious "yau anyi mana baiko koh?"

Zeenah only nodded not being able to find her voice because one of his fingers was drawing small circles in her palm. The sensation, heart warming.

"And this engagement of ours is just like us getting married."


"Shhh.." He cut her off, let me finish what I'm saying okay?"

She nodded,

"I wouldn't have let this engagement happen if I'm really not going to marry you. I also wouldn't have wasted three years of my life courting you. All these are signs showing I'm so serious about marrying you right?" And he kissed her hand.

Zeenah nodded again, though this time appalled.

"Then I see no reason why we can't act like married couples and exercise our marital rights on each other. We're just starting early before people really witness it, but deep down, I feel like we are already married babe. What do you think?"

Zeenah was shocked and so lost in thoughts. Is this her Abubakar or is it someone new? Those words sounded like bedtime stories.

"You and I both know this is wrong on so many levels. What has really gotten into you?" She asked politely withdrawing her hands from his.

"Wrong? How can it be wrong when it's just three months to our marriage? Am I some kind of joke to you?" he asked angrily.

"No," Zeenah began "that's not what I mean. Its just that...."

"Just what? You don't trust me? You think I won't marry you after it? Is that how low you think of me? Look Zeenatu, let me make something clear to you. An riga an mana baiko; you're just like my wife already. Why then should we wait for three more months before consummating our love? We've been together for three years and you still can't trust me? Really?"


"Get out of my car before I lose my senses. Only call me when you realize how serious this is and when you've changed your mind."


"Out please!" He yelled and Zeenah has no option than to do what she was told.

"Zeenah; was nonplussed.

What should she really do? At this point, "love and affection built for three years was about to be over in three minutes. . ."

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