Author: TSI


This was the last word Mia had chanted under her weak breath. No, she was not sorry for herself; she felt sorry for the man who loves her more than his own life.

A handsome and charming face flashed before her eyes. Her tears streamed.

Mia regretted everything she had done. Because of her one wrong decision, she had ruined everything.

Someone whom she had trusted blindly deceived her. Mia gave her sister everything she wanted from Mia, but she had stabbed Mia from behind.

Only because of her sister's betrayal, she hurt the man who loved her unconditionally. Only because of her foolishness, she lost her man forever.

"If life gives me a second chance." Mia laughed bitterly, "if," but fate didn't show mercy on her because she didn't treasure her own life.

She was taking her last breath; she was already on her dead-end; she wanted to see him for the last time. But her previous wish also left incomplete.

Before Mia took her last breath, she thought, "Miles, we were not meant to be in this life, it seems you have to wait for me until our next life but don't worry, if there is any next life, I'll love you and trust you more than myself."

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