Out of hiding.

“It has been five months and three weeks since the terror that took place at JC hospital. The country is still bleeding from such a monstrous happening.” 

Selena frowned as she stared at the news lady on the tv screen.

“I told you not to watch the news. It will just make you moody.” Gabriel said.

Selena faintly smiled as she stared at her husband, laying beside her on the bed. Then she turned her attention back to the television.

“The past months have been difficult as we wait for the elders and our leaders to shine some light on the situation. But recently the footage from the JC hospital’s CCTV cameras was released to the media and we can assure you all that the terrific act was single-handedly done by a rogue Alpha named ‘Dakar.” The new lady continued with her report.

Selena felt Gabriel hugging her from the back as he rested his chin on her shoulder.

“How about we call it

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