The bride of the Egos'

The bride of the Egos'

By:  Dora Theodore  Completed
Language: English
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"Mira!" She hears her name being called sweetly, and feels the presence of someone whose voice bring more warmth than her husband's. "Mira!!" A voice who warns her and loves her more than she could ever imagine, and a being whose unrequited love would never be. Memories of lingering attachment to a woman and a family she is unfamiliar with, and a new family with many dark secrets to hide. A repetition of history and a forbidden love that can never be. Still someone hiding in the shadows devotes himself to bringing her happiness. He who is a being with the greatest sins amongst them all. 'A devil' as they call him. Dedicates his life to her. Was history wrong, or is there more to the tale of these two.

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118 Chapters
Pardon me! The novel "The bride of the Ego's'' is undergoing re-editing to suit your taste. So don't wonder why some chapters are missing, I hope you understand, thank you. .Unknown point of view.           The room was crowded with audience and journalists, the audience roared with all their might, each having a question to ask, not giving anyone a chance to respond. I could hardly recognize her anymore seeing how much she's grown in the last few years. She raised her hand high to silence the crowd, then she spoke. "I'm telling you that there is nothing supernatural, no such thing as ghosts or witches." Mirabel strongly protested.        "Then what about the reports on spirits caught on camera did people make that up or did the cameras lie." A reporter asked.         "And are you saying that there's nothing as a god?" Another asked.   &n
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Chapter 1. Now you see me, Now you don't.
          [Mirabel].           It took a long drive for me to arrive at my destination and once I did I felt at peace, although there was one thing that kept recurring on my mind, like who that person was, why did he run away and why was he looking at me with such sad eyes, however when our eyes me, that person smiled at me, he looked pretty shy too, what is wrong with me? You're engaged Mirabel.   I parked my car somewhere in the woods and walked down to my destination. Camping in the woods during the mild winter was something my family and I would always do during the winter but all that changed when my mother passed away, my sister and father lost their touch in just one day, gosh I wish I could turn back the hands of time, no more trips I guess. There was a cabin in the woods where we usually took shelter from the cold ice. That's where I'll be staying so I can have some alone
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Chapter 2. The Shadow.
I can't sleep, I am nervous, would Peter be worried about me? I could imagine how he must feel knowing I haven't returned home. He did try to warn me not to leave but I was too stubborn to listen to him. Later that night, unable to sleep, I stayed awake for as long as possible. I noticed a shadow outside, no, it doesn't seem like it was just one but two shadows, but from the looks of it, one wanted to get in and the other was stopping him. How could he leave the door open like that if he wanted to have a fight with someone. The shadow of the one stopping the other looked like the man who saved me and the other seemed to be his family member after all he did warn me about them and how much they hated visitors. After a long time arguing they both left, too bad I was unable to hear what they were saying, I am tired now.       I woke
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Chapter 3. A Price for a life.
This Starler girl sure has one good grip. I'm dragged into the room and guarded by her. She locked the door and stood before me, moving her body as if she were warming up for a fight. Am panicking but there's no sign of it. It's like one messed up dream to me.   There were screams coming from Richard's room and before I knew it, the place became quiet. As I sat down on the bed, I began to wonder what was going on outside. Should I jump off the window, no, that would be suicide. Wait, why is there no noise from outside? When finally we heard the door, the door knob turned and opened. I stood up and shivered. Before us stood Richard, Starler tried her best to stop him but before she could throw a punch to knock him back to his senses she found herself landing on the wall with one punch.
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Chapter 4. Meet his family.
  He put me back in my room and locked the door from the outside. I know I am the one who offered a couple of years to bear and raise a child, but he's presently keeping me locked up. Is it because of his family? I know they don;t like me and all, maybe that's the reason why. At about 4 to 5 pm I heard a knock on my door, then a key slot in and the handle twisted. A maid walked in with a tray of food, dropped it on my bed and walked away without saying a word. The aroma of the food reminded me that I was hungry. Come to think of it he' been feeding me sleeping pills for a while, should I ask him why he did, I want to, I think I should but it won't be easy, maybe i'll just do that after we get married, cause I don't think we're close enough to talk that much. I drew the tray close to me and began to devour it, and after that I looked out the window there'
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Chapter 5. Deceit.
It's just as I thought. I've been tricked. Those this has something to do with the Daniel they keep talking about, I have a feeling that that name aso has a name in it, but wait, what will happen to Peter, no let's not think of that for nw, I have to think of how to get out of this place, he's a psychopath. I looked at Richard and shivered in fear, this man was using me to get what he wanted. If I am right they've always been talking about a Daniel blood, and that old ha also said I was a Daniel, could a Daniel be a requirement to achieving his goals? If that turns out to be true then I don't think I would be able to leave this place. "Mira."    Ah! I was taken off guard by this man, I can't lose my guard around him especially after knowing that he did this intentionally. That's right, something else is missing. I was drugged by this man. Those slee
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Chapter 6. A playful husband.
     By the time I woke up, he was nowhere to be found. I feel so tired and my entire body hurts at the moment. I sit up and stare blankly at absolutely nothing, last night hurts a lot, and why wouldn't it, I've been saving myself for someone else my entire life. Speaking of which. I flip the bed sheet over and find my side of the bed drenched in blood. As I thought, it really did hurt a lot.              I dragged my legs, grabbed a towel and then I headed for the shower room. Honestly, I wish and hope he doesn't come back. At this point I don't mind being a widow any more, but I doubt that's gonna happen. The bathroom looks a little over the roof, there's a jacuzzi that's almost the size of a teenagers bed, just how many people was this designed for. I mix the water with hot and cold and get in, I think I would like a bubble bath, it's been a while since I had one.   &nbs
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Chapter 7. The Teenager.
There's a limit to how many times a human can do it a day, but he's different, and I don't think he understands the concept of the difference between humans and Vampires, we've been at it all day, I barely have any strength to stand up again, and am covered in love bites. He's the worst. "Did you sleep well Mira." The moment I open my eyes once again, he's right in front of me, it's like I can't avoid his gaze. I try to turn away but...  It's tight. Why is it so tight?  I try to wiggle my way out of his arms but he just smiles and kisses my shoulders. "Are you tired? or are you hungry?" He asks. That question ticks me off, do I not look tired enough. Sure I expected that I would need to work harder to bear his child, but this is way too much.             "Both." I need some fresh air.    Now that I think about it, I am shocked because this place is spotle
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Chapter 8. An eye for an eye.
Am worried about this kid, and the fact that she's a kid worries me the most. The more she's curious, the lesser her chances of surviving this place are. "Why should I? Your relationship has nothing to do with me but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for us normal folks." His grip on my hand begins to tighten, he's losing his patience alright. "I just found you so I can't risk that." No you idiot, you have to run, otherwise you will surely die, this blood sucking demon will kill you. I want to say these words to her right now but how can I when he's right behind me and about to break lose any minute now.              "If you care about your life then you'll have to leave now, please." I warned but she still stands still, I can't say I didn't try because I did the best I could do for anyone at the moment. By the time she saw the fear in my eyes, it was way too late. The moment she turned towards the doo
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Chapter 9. An Aid.
I quickly race to the room, checking for the girl and finally find her in a small room. She looked uncomfortable and cried a lot. I felt sorry for her, it was my fault to begin with so I would have to be responsible for her, I am so sorry dear. I bow my head down and patiently wait for her to wake up, only to fall asleep myself.   I woke up to the feeling of stares, as I raised my head I found Martha who kept staring at me with contempt, and I know I can't blame her, I am practically the reason she's this way right now. I try to help and reach for a glass of water, stretching it towards her. "Are you thirsty, do you need anything like water, or something else. Richard said you could join him tomorrow morning, just incase you feel any thirst." I told her. But she remains silent.   She turned towards the left side, looking outside the
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