The first golden light of dawn sneaked into Gabriel’s room as the tender breeze lazily blew against his curtains.

He then gently rubbed his eyes before slowly opening them, and for about five minutes, he didn't blink with his sight focused on the ceiling.

“Knock,” Bob's voice echoed into the room.


The calm beat of his heart as he laid still kept replaying in Gabriel's ears along with the whispers of nature and the disturbances within the walls of the villa.

“Sir, the ceremony will begin in less than thirty minutes.” Bob anxiously said as he impatiently waited outside his young master’s room door with his sight glued to his watch.

In annoyance, Gabriel threw the blanket off him and sat up in bed. Then he gently rested his feet onto the cold floor before standing up.

The sunlight then beamed against the multiple scars on his bare upper body as he walked past the window and headed into the bathroom.

Finally, after waiting for what felt l

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