The Princess and Her Werebear

The Princess and Her Werebear

By:  Sierra Christenson  Completed
Language: English
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"With the world crumbling apart during another war, Eliana is tasked to bring two nations together through marriage. Plans change drastically when her caravan is attacked by assassins and she is forced to go on the run. While fleeing assassins, Eliana will meet Jasper, a young werebear searching for the love of his mate. As Eliana discovers that her lineage holds a dangerous secret, she will be faced with the magnetic attraction she feels for Jasper, a member of the race responsible for killing her mother.The Princess and Her Werebear is created by Sierra Christenson, an EGlobal Creative Publishing signed author."

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Caitlin MK
Why is every chapter posted twice??? (1-50, then 1-50 again) 50% off means nothing when you double post...
2022-06-04 23:28:22
50 Chapters
Chapter 1: An Unexpected Marriage
The night is quiet, a small breeze blowing through the land, upturning loose gravel and russet grass. The stories have been coming in daily. The death toll and the numbers of enemy soldiers crossing their border only continues to increase excessively.This is what Eliana ponders on as she sits on her balcony, watching the wisps of clouds shift over the harvest moon. The bright hue washes over the sky and paints her father's dark castle maroon.The small tower in which her quarters reside, are scorched along the outer walls. The worn-down palace is surrounded by a barren wasteland that expands for miles outside the small village at its base. Eliana remembers when it was once lush and bountiful. When she would pick berries with her mother all day. Now the grass lay in clumps, the bushes burned or dried up. A majority of the trees are chopped down and the fields that the farmers once plowed are now unfertile."Princess Eliana, you should really come inside." She turns, her wavy, golden
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Chapter 2: A Long Journey Ahead
As the caravan that holds Eliana and her handmaid pulls away from the castle that she has known her entire life, she finally allows the tears to fall. As she is securely hidden within the wooden transportation, she gives herself the freedom to release her anguish and fear. Her tears are warm against her skin and she welcomes them willingly. Her father is the only family Eliana has left. She barely remembers her mother. There are only a few memories still clear in her mind."What would she say, if she were alive and heard about this arranged marriage?" Eliana wonders to herself, biting the bottom of her lip to hide any whimpers that try to slip through. "I am supposed to have a say in my future husband, but my father has gone behind my back. I wonder if she would be furious. Not that it would change my circumstances.""My Lady," Selma begins, quietly at first. "It would not be sensible to dwell on what has happened in the past, or what you are leaving behind. You would be wise to look
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Chapter 3: Lone Survivor
Eliana is awoken with the sudden halt of the carriage."Princess, you must be incredibly quiet, we are surrounded. We must have been followed from the castle."It takes a moment for Eliana to register what her handmaid has said and shakes off the grogginess of her slumber. "Who is it," she questions in horror."We do not know, they are hidden by the trees, but the men say that they are Pivurlion."Eliana's heart drops. She does not dare to look out the window when Selma mentions the trees. They have been traveling for a day and are close to the border they share with Murduk. Climont is only another half day's journey. Eliana gulps as she stares at her handmaid. She wonders which country has hired these assassins and which clan the Pivurlion associate with. Surely it would have to either be the werewolves or the werebears."When they attack, we must escape from the caravan without being seen," Selma explains. Her voice softens, her dull eyes wide with fear."What about the men?"
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Chapter 4: Worlds Collide
The forest is more active today. Jasper looks up through the holes in the treetops and he sees the birds flying high, moving North."It is odd that they are all leaving their nests this early in the day. I have never seen so many at one time," he thinks to himself."Son," Conrad Darcy begins.Jasper fights the urge to roll his eyes. He clenches his teeth and prepares for what his father will say. "I know your mother spoke to you already. There is no debate on the matter. You will go to Viptan and you will find your mate there. You must partner with another Xefol. There is no other way."Jasper glances over at his burly father who shoulders a large deer carcass that they have just taken down. It will be added into their stew simmering at the cottage."Papa, is it so important that I find a mate right now, and that they are from our clan?""Yes. There is too many mixed breeding. You need to keep our bloodline pure.""I was under the impression that your mate is already predete
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Chapter 5: The Darcy's
Jasper's entire body tenses, his heart twisting as Eliana's words hit him. The slight shift of her expression gives away her thoughts. There is an anguish that takes hold of Jasper's spine."Why do I feel this way? Why am I hurt? She is a stranger. She broke into our house. Why does her opinion matter so much?," he constantly runs questions over and over in his mind, confused.As the thoughts swirl around in his mind, he continues to forget that he is holding the intruder up, his arms wrapping tightly around her torso. The word that shattered his resolve earlier, does so once more.Mate.This pull, the delicious scent of honey that draws him closer to her.Jasper's mind continues to race, confusion causing him to spiral down into denial. "No, this cannot be. She is a human. The soul bond is impossible between the species. It was created at the beginning of the Pivurlion race."Beatrice bypasses the statement that Eliana has made, "Are you hurt?"Eliana is shocked by the question
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Chapter 6: Marriage??
Forcing her vision to clear, Eliana looks back up at Beatrice, her eyes wide.The Xefol has her head turned slightly down, watching the Princess. "Are you alright?""Uh," Eliana clears her throat, trying to halt the sweat beading at her temple. "Is it alright if I stay just for the night? I will leave at daybreak."Beatrice presses her lips together, but Eliana easily sees the smile forming. "Yes, of course, honey."Eliana allows her shoulders to relax, the weight she is carrying disappearing. Her mind clears, and she refuses to look back outside."Jasper, heat up some water for her." Beatrice orders cocking her brow at who Eliana assumes is their son.His jaw flexes and he watches Eliana closely. His dense gaze scourers her entire face."What is he looking at," she wonders. Heat begins to build in her neck and ears, easing the pain slightly from her injuries."Why is she allowed to stay? She broke into our house and took my bed," Jasper argues roughly. His hair places a shadow
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Chapter 7: Rogues!
Eliana finds Jasper outside, sitting in the middle of the meadow. He is surrounded by the bright daffodils that shine in the vibrant moon. As she approaches, Jasper's shoulders tense and his hands grip the grass tightly."I am sorry, if I am intruding," Eliana speaks softly, her heart racing.The scent of lavender is everywhere. She did not know that wearing an oversized shift of Jasper's and a pair of old slacks would smell so much like him. Her mind is foggy, and she is a little lightheaded. It does not help when she nears him either."Why are you not running."It takes a moment for Eliana to focus on what he is saying. His voice causes her heart to quiver. "Running," she questions. His head is tilted back, his hair falling away from his forward, showing his deep eyes."Escaping. If you hate us so much, why are you not trying to escape?"Eliana opens her mouth to speak, but no words come to mind. He has a point, even though she does not want to agree with him. They are part
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Chapter 8: Sleeping Bear
"Olisnia, please, I beg of you, do not go."She stares up into the pale, icy blue gaze of the man. "Jacniel, I must go. This is what I am meant to do. I have the same dream every night. It is my destiny to find the descendant of the Kexon. Whoever this individual is, they must be made aware of their heritage and to accept the power they hold. The ability to shift may have been forgotten to them, but they have the ability to reunite this world once more.""But the power of the werecat has been lost for a generation. This journey is too dangerous, please do not risk yourself for the humans." His long, platinum hair sways in the Ocean breeze. He grasps Olisnia's arm gently.Her heart races and she tries to hide the blush building in her cheeks. "I am sorry, but I will not forgive myself if I do not try to make this trek. It truly may end horribly, but this is the path I must follow.""Please, bring your concerns up to the Council first. Hear what they have to say. Let them advise you.
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Chapter 9: Forever Mateless
"Do we have all we need," Conrad questions as they all stand outside the cottage. Eliana is carrying a bag on her back. She is not used to doing such things, as Selma normally would be the one carrying any such bags."If I were to explain that I do not carry even my own belongings, they will become suspicious," she states to herself. Eliana glances over to Jasper who cringes as he hikes his bag higher up on his shoulders. The urge to move to his side itches and tugs on her muscles. Her legs wobble as she almost takes a step. Blinking away the strange thoughts and pushing down the urge, the Princess shifts her gaze away. She knows that Jasper is still in pain, but he is acting tough and pretending that he is fine.As she watches him, Eliana wonders in her mind, "I am not sure why he wishes to leave so quickly. By doing so, he is speeding up the time in which he will be expected to marry. I know that if we do not leave, that those rogue bears will return, and with reinforcements, b
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Chapter 10: The Purple Enemy
It has been a week since the group has left the small cottage and Eliana's ankle is only getting worse. She can barely walk on it now."Are you okay," Jasper questions softly as they pack up their camp.Eliana tries to ignore the heat emanating from his body. She swallows and glances up at him. "Yes, I am fine."His brow twitches with confusion, but he leans back. "Allow me to carry your bag. Your ankle cannot hold much longer."Pride fills her chest. "I am able to handle it. Your shoulder must be in pain as well.""It is healing up now," he sighs before pivoting away."Uh, ma'am," Eliana moves toward Beatrice, holding at bay her pain."Oh dear, I told you to call me mama. I am so used to Jasper calling me that," Beatrice chuckles as she picks up her own bag."Oh, yes, I am sorry. When do you suppose we will arrive at Viptan?""Oh honey, very soon. Not even another day's journey.""Alright—""What is that," Jasper crouches as a rumble echoes against the trees.Conrad steps
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