CHAPTER XXII: Pink is not your color

I woke up with slight muttering around me. I opened my eyes and saw Audrey's face right in front of me. I closed my eyes back. I was definitely dreaming. There is no way that kid is here inside my room. Inhaling deeply, I took in the intoxicating smell of woody-mossy.

I felt something soft touch my nose so I was unable to inhale and find it hard to breath. My eyes flutter open when I realized that I was not dreaming and shook my head. Audrey was there holding my nose with her little hand.

"Audrey!" I winced as I sat up. My head was pounding badly. I clutched my head and pressed it tightly which eased the pain a bit but when I released, the pain came back crashing.

I looked around. I was not in my room. It was an exceptionally gigantic white walls and tiled floor. There was a little library in one corner and foot length windows at the opposite end. Pink and white love seats and a white table was before the windows. Lovely and costly works of art were embellishing the walls. I focused at
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