A Night of Announcements

Millie lay on the bed, as the ultrasound technician covered her tummy with gloop. The room was in semi-darkness, and Nick and Gabriel stood at the bed's side, Nick holding her hand and Gabriel's hand lay on her thigh. 

"Just let me do my measurements, and then I'll show you the baby," Said the sonographer wielding the ultrasound wand over Millie's lower tummy. 

It only took a few minutes to get her measurements. 

"Well, this is interesting," she said, "Which one of you is the father?" the sonographer asked.

"We don't know yet," Millie said, "and we don't mind all our family will love the baby."

"I  apologise, I thought you were a surrogate for these two gentlemen."

Millie laughed, "No, we're just a very unusual family, and there is plenty of love for our children." 

"Do any of you have twins in the family?" The men shook their heads, "I have twin sisters" Millie said.

"Well, you're having twins, let me

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tears are flowing...what a heart warming chapter.. I literally screamed when they purpose.. lol startled my mother..
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Shannon Campbell
Thanks for the update. Love ❤️ Love 💕 Love 💗 it
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That’s so cute! I love it, thank you for another chapter

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