Chapter 163

CHLOE spent her whole couple of days getting drowned. Literally. Nobody told her that the lake got a sucking energy from beneath it, for Demetrius' sake!

"AAAHHH!!" she screamed for the nth time for the day before being pulled by the strong pressure that goes to the bottom of the lake. A bubble of water enveloped her before she shot up into the surface.

"Focus, Chloe!" Neptos shouted from the side, comfortably sitting at the big rock and holding his jug of beer. "I can't look after you all the time!"

He set her down on the flat stone, breaking off the bubble of water. Chloe fell onto her knees and hands as she coughed the water that invaded her system. "'re not helping," she panted.

Neptos rolled his eyes and stood. "Rest first. Don't jump in. I'm not going to save you." He walked away and into the house.

Chloe groaned as she rolled to her back and closed her eyes. She lets her breath become normal before she opened it and stared at the sky.

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