Chapter 11

Ever since that revelation, me and Stacey got even closer. I mean really close; every morning, we would go to school and go home together. We would eat lunch, together, and sometimes, she would go to our house and eat dinner with us.

I think she became as my second mom now, feeling so light and comfortable when I am with herAll of this has now been part of my daily routine.

And I think I survived the first week of school because of me having a friend.

Learning to open up to Stacey is not that hard, I did that, little by little. I started telling her my experiences as a kid who's always in the hospital.

"You know, I don't have friends like you when I was a kid." I told her as we were eating our lunch at school.

"I know. I expected that." She told me as she munched her food.

I know in myself now that I am comfortable whenever I am with Stacey, but I still can't talked about the part where my life has already been scheduled. I think that I don't have the strength to tell it to her right away. How she reacted when she found out about my condition, it felt like my heart ripped apart. I don't want to be a burden to someone, especially to her.

I will just keep this to myself. It's not a big deal.

It's Saturday in the afternoon when someone texted me. It's an unknown number.

+298 2115560

Subject: Waving

Hey. (seen)


️ Me

Subject: Re: Waving

Who's this? (seen)


+298 2115560

Subject: Re: Waving

It's me, master. (seen)


What does he want? It's a Saturday, it would be nice if someone named Lucas is not bothering you.

+298 2115560

Subject: Buzz

Hey, master. Don't leave me in a seen zone. I need to tell you something... (seen)



Re: Buzz

What do you want, Lucas? (delivered)


I waited for his reply, but it's been five minutes and still no reply. Im getting anxious, really anxious. 


Subject: Annoying

Hey!  What do you want!  You know you're bothering me right? (seen)


 +298 2115560

Re: Annoying

Sorry, master. I was talking to Stacey and guess what? (seen)


It isn't a good idea if these two were talking. They always have this crazy plan that I still need to witness.


Re: Annoying

No. Im not going. (seen)


Lucas just 'seen' my message. Huh, thank goodness, at least he knows that I am not that go-to type of friend.

I cleaned up my room, cause these past few days I've been very busy in school's activities that I have no time to organize my things in place.

After half an hour, I went downstairs only to see that Stacey, Lucas and my mom were having a tea.

"Oh, there she is!" My mom exclaimed as she clasped her hands.

What. Is. Happening... again?

"What are you two doing in here?" I asked to the both them and clearly these two has something going on in their minds.

"You didn't tell her?" Stacey scolded Lucas.

"What? I told you, she said she isn't coming." Lucas said in a total confusion.

"Ohhh. Right." Stacey looked at me, giving me her pretty-please-just-come-with-us look.

I have no choice, but of course, to come with these two.

"Go on, sweetie." My mom encouraging my friends to take me is a little frustrating though.

"Aren't you going to ask where they will bring me?" I protested.

"Oh, Alayna, they're your friends. Now, scoot." My very own mom just shoo-ed her one and only daughter.

Stacey immediately went by my side. "We'll have fun, no worries." She said, whispering. Then we all took off.


"Isn't this brilliant, huh? Huh?" Lucas looked to both of us.

Lucas brought us to this newly open outdoor mall here in Tórshavn . This is so different than all the malls I've been to; it's like a huge three-story dome, lots of plants around, and the style is very old-fashioned.

It feels like, I am in the mall of the 90's.

"So this was your big plan?" Stacey arched her eyebrows while shaking her head.

"There's a plan?" I asked.

"Lucas said that he has this extravagant plan, so he said that I should insist you to come." Stacey explained.

"But Lucas was the one who called and said that you, Stacey, were the one who's inviting me out." I answered her.

"Well, he asked for permission if he can use my name so you would come." I stared at Lucas, wearing my resting witch face. He just wriggled his eyebrows and smiled.

"I just wanted to be your tour guide, since, you're new here in Tórshavn." Lucas clarified his side.

"I am not new here in Tórshavn." Stacey declare. "Oh, oh, you were pertaining to Alayna." Oh boy, here we go again. Stacey must control this fan-girling side of hers.

"Are you sure that you want me to come with you guys? I can leave—" Stacey is in her chirpy mode.

"Of course. You'll come with us." I eyed her, giving her that don't-you-dare-leave look.

"Okay~" Stacey singsonged. I can't help but not to roll my eyes on Lucas before turning my back on him. Then I just heard him snickered.

After our warlike conversation, we decided to just enjoy this outdoor mall.

While we're walking, I can see different boutiques of shoes and clothes. The ambiance in here is calming, I love how the sea breeze blows. For a moment, I forgot the fact that I am going to die, soon, and will leave this kind of place.

"Penny for your thoughts." Lucas stood beside me. The sound of his voice added to the calmness of this place. I don't even know why.

"What if it rains?" I suddenly said out loud.

"Well, you see those thin sheets-like above us?" I then looked up and searched for that thin sheets-like he was talking about. And there I saw it, I could barely see it though.

"Those babies are the one's who's going to protect us if it ever rains." He explained.

"How?" I am curious about this. It was the first time that I've ever heard this kind of thing.

"Well, master, Tórshavn has one of the most high quality equipment when it comes to rains or typhoons. So, this outdoor mall needed something that will protect them. If a raindrop fell, those sheets-like will detect it and will start to become thicker like a roof." Lucas was narrating it with hand gesture that made me had a small smile on my face.

"It's so great in here, thank you for this." I looked and smiled at him. A trace of shock was written all over his face.

Ah yes, I forgot that I hate this guy.

I laughed a little then walked faster. Of course, I can't blame him, It's my first time that I actually beamed a smile on him.

Then I thought to myself, what has gotten into me that I acted like that? Maybe it's this place that has something to do with it... Maybe.

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