Where The Clouds Are

Where The Clouds Are

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Having a couple more years to live in this world is full of pain and sorrow, but not to Alayna. She is completely ready to die, and leave this world soon. Until they moved in this new city, where she realized the true meaning of life. But as she realized that, time's running out for her.

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Beautiful story! Thank you for sharing, author! 😊
2021-06-13 10:31:22
59 Chapters
Chapter 1
A cloudy day it is here in Tórshavn, well it's always been like this since we came here. Cloudy and gloomy.I scrunched my nose while lying comfortably on our couch, thinking what to do. I'm actually getting bored because there's no new book to read.Maybe it's time to explore this town, and look for a bookshop.Me and my mom has been into twelve different town of different countries since I was just five. According to her, different places take you beyond the barriers of your imagination.And those are the words I live by.Karen, my mom is a painter, she is very cool and fun to be with. I can open freely everything to her. She's
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Chapter 2
I got scared knowing that I am lost in this unfamiliar town. Inhale… exhale… inhale… exhale.Then, I saw a football field. Few players were inside, playing and fooling around. But I think this is how they do their warm-up.I felt a bit jealous to these guys. I al
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Chapter 3
"Mr. Schmidt, we want to keep her condition confidential and I would like to request that you treat her as a normal student of this school." My mother told the Principal of this school.She then innocently placed both of her hands on her lap, and gave her sweetest smile.I was just sitting quietly beside h
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Chapter 4
As time passed by, I realized that this is how it feels like to be a student. You were listening and registering everything what the teacher's talking about in your mind.I took out my notebook and ball pen, then started writing. I have a nice penmanship though, all letters were in italic form and I am doing it unconsciously. A nurse in America was the one who noticed it.
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Chapter 5
"So what do you like? The line's getting longer." The lady continued. I take a look back at the line and she's correct."Oh, sorry. A slice of banana and garlic bread, and some pasta." She looked at my body, examining from top to bottom.
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Chapter 6
I felt the cool air that was passing through the curtains. I took a glimpse on my clock, and it's seven in the morning already, my first class starts in two hours.My mornings were usually, sun rays and lights. Birds chirping, cars honking on the street, laughters of kids playing in their backyard.In France, I remembered our neighbor Mr. and Mrs. Beaumont
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Chapter 7
 "Lucas was really our guy." A guy with a deep voice said. I froze when I heard his name. Oh, give me a break! Was he here too? I really don't want to see him right now."He's smooth. Real smooth." Another guy said, he was now laughing. I think they stopped behind the tree that I was leaning on.Okay,
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Chapter 8
Tomorrow morning, I got a text message from Stacey.✉️ Stacey 
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Chapter 9
When we arrived at school, Lucas was half walking and half running because he'll be late in his first subject."What's your first subject, anyways?" Stacey asked."Core Lit. The prof's kind of strict. So I better get going. Master, see you later!" He patted my lower back that took me by surprise, then he ran and disappeared in the crowd.
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Chapter 10
Clover put her hands onto Lucas' left shoulder. Then her look spikes through me. I averted my look. "Oh hey, Clove. Yep, I'm here with—""The newbies, of course." There is an offensive tone in her voice. I looked at Stacey, and saw her brows arched.
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