Chapter 623 Pregnant Women Are Famously Cantankerous

Arianne nodded. She left the kitchen and went into the living room. At the same time, Grandma Wynn returned with bags filled with infant clothing and maternity products.

“Oy, Arianne! Come and have a look. See if I’ve missed out on anything you might need. I’ve once helped prepare all these things for your aunt when she was expecting so you can trust me on this,” she said. “See these? Just you wait, it’s going to come in handy. Look at these baby clothes I picked, they’re all made from premium materials.”

Prior to this, Arianne only knew her grandma as a relentless bully who failed to provide any sense of kinship or warmth. However, this time, her grandmother almost brought tears to her eyes.

“Granny… You… You really believe I have a chance at becoming a mother?” She asked softly.

The old woman hesitated for a moment. “Well, I’ve heard bits and pieces of what happened. Your body is not the strongest. However, if you really want the child, then, have it. The Tremont business is huge, th
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