Chapter 631 Shopping Trip

Tiffany finally noticed a certain someone at the staircase with a sullen expression on his face. How could she have forgotten it was the weekend?! Mark was usually home during the weekend. She suppressed the embarrassment she felt and shamelessly rolled her eyes. “I’m speaking the truth. I’m glad that he heard me!”

Mark did not argue with her. He stepped forward and touched Arianne’s forehead. “Remember to put on an extra layer of clothes. Don’t catch a cold. I’ll take you to your prenatal examination in the next two days.”

Arianne was not used to his concern. She lowered her head awkwardly. “Mm…”

Tiffany lifted her wrist to check the time on her watch. “I’ve gotta go, Ari. I promised to go shopping with a colleague. Would you like me to get you anything? I can bring it over.”

Arianne shook her head. “No. You go on ahead.”

Tiffany giggled as she put on a show and talked to the baby in Arianne’s belly. “Bye-bye, I’ll see you again soon…”


After leaving the Tremont Estate, she drove t
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