Chapter 715 The Wroth Of A Woman Scorned

Tiffany’s resolve began to waver. In truth, she very much wanted to go home. She was just looking for a way to admit it without losing her face.

Catching the hesitance in her friend, Arianne pressed on. “You are his fiancée, not his mistress. What’s wrong with you going back to his place and shoving your worst grimace at him every day? None whatsoever. Now, if you still can’t take it, or if he continues to sting you with his pigheadedness, well! You could always pack up your clothes and move back to your mom’s. Let’s see if he stops you. If he doesn’t, you go, free and guiltless. If he stops you? Mission accomplished. So here’s what you should do: you’re gonna leave your car at my place and I’ll have Mark send you home. If you decided to move out, you won’t have a car to take you, which means he — if he’s man enough — has to yield and be your driver. He can’t let poor Tiffany go to her mom’s all alone in the middle of the night, can he?”

While Tiffany nodded vigorously, Mark sank into
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