Chapter 841 Tête-à-tête

Arianne paused for a beat before saying, “Listen, Tiffie. You and I are different from Tan. We go way back and have gone through so much together that we can talk about all kinds of things. But she didn’t go through all of that with you. So, you need to be mindful of her feelings, okay? Especially since you two are living together right now. You gotta be less unfiltered, Tiffie.”

Tiffany felt that it was a little unfair. “But she’s as much my best friend as you are. We could live with each other precisely because we’re best friends, right? No need to impose so many boundaries between one another and all that, right? Or, have I been overstating our relationship…?”

Arianne said nothing. She knew that was the truth — Tanya could never act the way Arianne would. That much was evident in their interaction just now.

Just then, the door to her ward was pushed open, revealing Mark’s towering, straight frame. “What were you two talking about?”

As always, he was donning yet another business suit
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Peta-ann Coombs
I hope Tanya doesn’t end up being a scumbag!!

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